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Upfront and Personal: Time Warner Cable Media: TV impressions still matter


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Upfront and Personal: Time Warner Cable Media: TV impressions still matter

AlthoughTime Warner CableInc. trades heavily with products in the broadband, mobile and appspaces, its media unit spent much of its newfront presentation extolling thevirtues of advertising within the linear TV arena.

Themed"Impressions Matters," the recent presentation carried the subtextthat some impressions matter more than others, and that Time Warner Cable Mediacan capture them accurately. There was also plenty of information about how newand improved analytics and tools can maximize campaign efficiencies. What wasnot addressed: CharterCommunications Inc.'s impending acquisition of Time Warner Cable and .

"Newplatforms, inconsistent ad delivery standards, a lack of performancetransparency and just plain-old misinformation have made it harder to knowexactly how many people you are truly reaching," said Fred Bucher, seniorvice president and chief marketing officer. "But at Time Warner CableMedia, we value your investment. Impressions are assets. … You pay for them andwe believe you should get them."

Bucheralso countered the notion being espoused by many digital players during thenewfront season that traditional TV is falling by the wayside. He pointed todata from NielsenHoldings indicating that TV represents 95% of average videoconsumptions by device — by the average audience per minute measurement — withpersonal computers and smartphones accounting for 4% and 1%, respectively.Among millennials, TV accounted for 88% of the video consumption by device,compared with PCs at 8%. Smartphone and tablet video tallied 2% apiece.

Bucheralso picked apart Yahoo!Inc.'s exclusive streaming of the Buffalo-Jacksonville NFL gamefrom London last October. Although the contest 33.6 million streams and 15.2million unique viewers, the average audience per minute amounted to 2.36million worldwide, 1.64 million in the U.S. NFL broadcasts, by comparison,average 18.2 million viewers per minute.

"Whileit's all digital, not all digital impressions are created equal," saidBucher.

TimeWarner Cable Media also served up numbers from a recent Video Advertising Boardstudy, examining the average viewers per minute metric. VAB President and CEOSean Cunningham joined Joan Gillman, executive vice president and COO for TimeWarner Cable Media and chairman of the Video Advertising Board, on stage andnoted that among all adults, Facebook Inc. would rank 158th among current TVprograms. For their part, GoogleInc.'s YouTube would rank 354th, Instagram 1,420th, Snapchat2,331st and TwitterInc. 2,902nd. Among millennials, Facebook ranks 27th, YouTube 49th,Instagram 275th, Snapchat 563rd and Twitter 1,216th.

TimeWarner Cable Media's presentation also focused on measurement tools that canhelp advertisers improve the reach and efficiency of their campaigns. Amongthose discussed were enhancements to the optimization capabilities of theKernel Connect dashboard, which later this year will provide insights into whatpeople are watching across linear, VOD and the TWC TV app, down to the devicelevel.

SNL Image
Time Warner Cable Media's Fred Bucher and Joan Gillman, with Charter's David Kline at TWCM's 2016 newfront.
Source: Time Warner Cable Media

Thecompany also introduced Local Connect, an application utilizing advancedanalytics to develop a menu of optimized schedules, customized at the zonelevel. These schedules are designed to hit specific reach and frequencytargets, and tested 1,000 times to ensure they have a 95% delivery rate. Italso will roll out its next generation of tools later this year that willenable clients to optimize campaigns across the entire TV landscape.

"Wecan now identify opportunities to shift your buy into additional networks anddayparts for greater impact," said Jerry Rocha, senior director ofbusiness intelligence. "By adjusting an existing buy for one client — notadding any more ad dollars — we were able to increase market reach by almost80% and decrease inefficiency by one-third."

Gillman,in an interview after the presentation, said Time Warner Cable Media has alwaysoffered high-quality content. "What's new this year is an expansion of theanalytics tools available for clients to optimize their campaign through KernelDashboard and its Audience Finder and our ability to internally optimize,"she said. "These are cutting-edge tools that can take a campaign thatmight be reaching 50% of target to 80% and to deal with reach and frequencyopportunities."

Thepresentation also touched on addressability and the company's "AdsEverywhere" capabilities, which since its February debut has been able todeliver addressable campaigns directly to the household level for advertisersin both live television, on the TWC TV App, and on-demand viewing environmentsacross the MSO's 10.8 million digital video household footprint.

"Sincewe made the announcement, we have secured a number of partnerships with leadingagencies and brands in the addressable space," said Lisa Meier, group vicepresident of sales. "The momentum around addressable is growing."

Gillmanlater noted that with Time Warner Cable's 10.8 million homes in the mix, theoverall cable industry now can help advertisers deliver addressable ads acrossmore than 50 million households. "Significantdata can be applied against that portfolio, and there are new tools marryingthat info with third-party data," she said.

BethPlummer, group vice president of sales, extended the maxim that all politics islocal, by talking up local content opportunities, including upcoming redesignsof all the Time Warner Cable websites, "making them an immersive andcomplete experience on all devices in all locations. For advertisers, thatmeans there are even more innovative opportunities to reach local audiences."

Onthe sports beat, Plummer said a Time Warner Cable Sports Channel app willlaunch early in the third quarter, providing a centralized location for itslocal sports content, including the upcoming high school football season. Theapp will not only include live streaming, but a video-on-demand library oflocal games and shoulder programming.

TimeWarner Cable Media will also look to honor/capitalize on the of legendary Los AngelesDodgers broadcaster Vin Scully with an "omni-screen" campaign thatwill feature exclusive customized programming that "incorporates marketersinto highly viewed segments, as well as social media advertising."