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Essential mining intelligence that's worth its weight in gold.

Make well-informed mining investment decision with conviction. Evaluate opportunities with essential mining industry data, powerful analytics, unmatched research, and data-driven news.

  • Mining Industry Solution Overview
  • Identify and Evaluate Opportunities
  • Understand Mine Production Cost Drivers
  • Monitor Mining Trends and Developments
  • Perform Competitive Study And Deal Analysis
  • Evaluate Credit Risk
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Power your mining industry analysis with actionable insights.

Our interactive metals and mining service provides a comprehensive view of global mining industry activities. From worldwide exploration, development, production, mine cost analysis, acquisitions activity, commodity market forecasts, and credit risk assessments—our unbiased insight can power your mining analysis.

Combining deep mining sector data, research, analytics, and mining news in one complete package, you can rely on our metals and mining solutions to stay ahead of the changing mining landscape with confidence and efficiency.

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Access comprehensive, deep and reliable mining industry data

Evaluate opportunities with deep mining company and asset level data.

  • Screen opportunities and perform due diligence with our comprehensive source of mining company and mining property data to form reliable investment strategies.
  • Search for prospective buyers or identify distressed assets for low-cost acquisitions opportunities by analyzing the financial data and cash flow of your targeted companies.
  • Access data on detailed exploration budget allocations by mining companies across commodities, countries and development stages.
  • Stay ahead of commodity price movements, mine production trends and review expert forecasts.

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Mine economics doesn't have to be complex. Simplify your mining cost analysis.

Benchmark global cost curves and understand cost-competitiveness.

  • Simplify comparisons using the intuitive charting tool to group, filter, label, and highlight multiple cost curves by property, equity owner, or geography.

Perform scenario-based risk analysis.

  • Evaluate possible risk caused by market changes. Analyse mine value, costs, and production for insight and strategy to react to the market.

Access comprehensive commodity coverage.

  • Our commodity coverage includes cobalt, copper, gold, iron ore, lead, molybdenum, nickel, palladium, platinum, rhodium, silver, uranium and zinc.
Explore the Mine Economics Model

Mining news and research that's as smart as you.

Gain vital insights into the metals supply chain, commodity market and the latest mining developments.

  • Monitor the latest mining trends with our proprietary research reports covering exploration, development, production, mine cost analysis, M&A, finance, and commodity market forecasts.
  • Our comprehensive, real-time global mining news integrate financial and industry-specific data in our articles so you can easily turn information into actionable insights. Made up of investigative reporting, commentary, and special features—our mining news is accessible in web and mobile platforms, news feeds, and email alerts.

View our news and research coverage

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Benchmark transactions and financial performance of mining companies.

Enhance your mining peer analysis with over 5,000 financial data points on the S&P Capital IQ platform.

  • Benchmark performance of mining companies across financial data, trading multiples, operating metrics, implied valuation and other data sets instantaneously with our Peer Comps template.
  • Gain a quick overview of your company's key financial ratios against the group mean without complicated calculations.

Access comprehensive qualitative and quantitative transaction data on the S&P Capital IQ platform.

  • Screen for announced mining M&A deals by transaction value and your choice of key financial ratios.
  • Benchmark mining transactions with our Transaction Comps analytical tool.
  • Build detailed valuations with fundamental financial data, ratios and multiples, and pre-built excel models

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Stay ahead of credit and market trends in the commodity sector.

Get the Full Picture of Your Credit Risk Exposure

  • Easily monitor changing market conditions and the potential impact on your business with credit ratings and research from S&P Global Ratings.
  • Group counterparties into watchlists, and monitor through dynamic visualization tools, dashboards or custom Excel templates. Activate alerts to get notified when your exposure to risk changes.
  • Quickly and easily measure the credit risk of rated, unrated, public, and private companies across the globe using our suite of quantitative analytical models that provide short-, medium- and long-term credit and probability of default (PD) scores that are designed to broadly align with credit ratings from S&P Global Ratings and your own internal scale.

Explore our risk solutions.

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  • Who We Serve
  • Mining Companies
  • Capital Markets
  • Mining Services And Equipment Providers
  • Governments and Agencies
  • Academia

Solutions for the mining industry, all in one place.

Our comprehensive and reliable global mining data coverage provides relevant insights across industries, markets, countries, and time. We stand by the quality of our information. So much so that we offer $50 rewards to clients who identify a verified mistake or omission in our data.

Learn more about our quality program

Solutions for the mining industry, all in one place.

  • Screen early stage pre-resource projects with significant drill results. Review operating metrics of mines to determine the quality of your targets.
  • Evaluate a company’s investments, company-level analytics, and review M&A data to make well-informed comparisons on purchase price and valuations.
  • Rank global cost curves to assess mine operational efficiency. Perform scenario analysis to gauge impact on profits as cost drivers fluctuate.
  • Gain actionable insights with our global mining news and proprietary research.
  • Review industry outlook from RatingsDirect®, the official desktop source for S&P Global Ratings and flag counterparty risk exposure efficiently.

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Solutions for the mining industry, all in one place.

M&A investment and divestment
Evaluate transaction value by examining reliable, in-depth financial, asset, resources, and reserves data; use Mine Economics Model for scenario analysis to assess the impact on profitability of your targeted mine; and enhance your pitch book with exported graphics.

Portfolio construction and tracking
Evaluate key financial ratios and metrics at the company and project level to identify investment opportunities. Conduct sensitivity analysis to forecast impact on profitability as commodity prices or costs fluctuate.

Understand market dynamics and activity
Rely on our global mining news, research insights, and commodity studies to anticipate emerging trends.

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Solutions for the mining industry, all in one place.

  • Filter information across key metrics such as geography, commodity, mine type, drill results and activity, project status, and more to generate reliable leads.
  • Access in-depth corporate and project profiles, plus financial data of mining companies, to ascertain the quality of your prospects.
  • Set up alerts to capture opportunities effortlessly as new activities emerge. Gain vital insights into exploration projects and identify “hot spots” for prospecting.
  • Assess and rank key opportunities to conduct market sizing. Evaluate market share by segmenting against key metrics to identify potential growth areas.

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Solutions for the mining industry, all in one place.

Mineral policy and advisory services
Search for royalty details on projects, support advisory work with mining news and research, and identify major costs to improve regional competitiveness.

Attract mining investments
Gain essential information about exploration budgets allocation, and benchmark against regional peers to make well-informed investment promotional strategies.

Identify mining investment opportunities
Screen investment targets, benchmark deals with transaction data, and review the cost and production forecast of a project to carry out timely due diligence.

Secure supply of commodity
Understand commodity market outlook, track production pipeline, and identify major producers to plan stockpiling strategies with confidence.

Solutions for the mining industry, all in one place.

Access to deep mining industry data
Obtain hard-to-access mining industry statistics and powerful analytics to conduct research or help students gain inspiration in their work.

Understand mining trends and development
Broaden perspective with research insights, mining news, and thought leadership content written by experts and ex-mining professionals.

  • Platforms and Solutions
  • Market Intelligence platform
  • Mine Economics Model
  • S&P Capital IQ platform
  • Credit Analytics
  • RatingsDirect®

Access essential intelligence on the mining sector across our full suite of products and services.

Sound financial decisions must start with an excellent grasp of your universe. The S&P Capital IQ platform gives you the tools needed to perform deep company research, generate better ideas and targets, and streamline portfolio analysis and reporting. To analyze certain industries effectively, you need to dive deeper than basic financials, news, and broker reports.

The Market Intelligence platform combines fundamental data with sector-specific metrics and analytics that are relevant to the industries we cover, plus key asset data, mapping tools, regulatory insight, and more.

Access essential intelligence on the mining sector across our full suite of products and services.

Our Metals and Mining service on the S&P Global Market Intelligence platform integrates deep mining industry data, proprietary research, and data-driven news to provide the essential tools for pursuing business growth intelligently.

Evaluate opportunities in the mining sector with conviction.

Explore our Metals & Mining service

Access essential intelligence on the mining sector across our full suite of products and services.

Our Mine Economics Model on the S&P Global Market Intelligence platform provides a powerful, transparent method for mine cost analysis.

Benchmark global cost curves and elevate your understanding of mine production cost drivers. Make well-informed cost strategies with scenario-based analysis.

Learn more about Mine Economics 

Access essential intelligence on the mining sector across our full suite of products and services.

The S&P Capital IQ platform is your single source for a powerful array of financial data, analytics, and research. Our web-based platform combines deep information on metals and mining companies, markets, and people worldwide with robust tools for analysis, idea generation, and workflow management.

Explore the S&P Capital IQ platform

Access essential intelligence on the mining sector across our full suite of products and services.

Credit Analytics on the S&P Capital IQ platform provides an essential solution for global counterparty credit risk analysis. The Credit Analytics service delivers credit scores, models, and tools to ease your workflow when running risk analysis on rated, unrated, public, and private companies.

Learn more about Credit Analytics 

Access essential intelligence on the mining sector across our full suite of products and services.

RatingsDirect® is the official desktop source for S&P Global Ratings. RatingsDirect® on the S&P Capital IQ platform helps you research, chart, and analyze credit performance and trends across industries, companies, and securities across the globe.

Explore RatingsDirect®

Access essential mining intelligence today.

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