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Supercharge Your Mining Strategy with Insight-Ready World Mining Intelligence

Effectively manage volatility with dependable metal price forecasts and in-depth research. Gain vital mining intelligence on global mining trends, company performance, and project evaluation with an industry-leading mining database on Capital IQ Pro.

Global Mining Intelligence

Simplify the complexities inherent in the ever-evolving global mining industry. Access our comprehensive database of public and private mining companies, projects and mining properties. Gain unparalleled intelligence on mineral discoveries and exploration, mine production, acquisitions, and metal price projections to develop effective strategies for mining investments.

S&P Capital IQ Pro integrates in-depth mining asset data, comprehensive company financials, and valuable mining industry insights, to deliver a powerful tool to supercharge your mining analysis and navigate market volatility.

Our Mining Database Coverage


Publicly listed mining companies


Mining properties


Operating Mines


Mining Claims


End-to-end mining intelligence on a single platform


Mining Companies, Properties, and Assets Database

Conduct due diligence on mining investment targets with in-depth company financials and mining asset data.

Mining Cost Curves and Metal Price Forecasts

Understand the cost-competitiveness of mines globally and stay ahead of market fluctuations.

Mining News and Research

Access proprietary mining insights, investment research, and third-party news sources from Dow Jones Newswires, and Nikkei News.

Visualization & Analytical Tools

Use our user-friendly visualization tool to identify mining claims, properties, and trends. Streamline mining analysis by using our Excel templates.

Answering your questions on the mining industry

  • Identify mining investment targets
  • Assess mining companies and projects
  • Monitor exploration and production trends
  • Examine the cost-competitiveness of mines
  • Understand metal price forecasts
  • Stay ahead of mining developments
  • Simplify mining analysis with smart tools
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Screen and evaluate potential mining investment opportunities

Identify opportunities. Find distressed or quality mining assets.

  • Screen mining projects by regions, development stage, project size, and the mine life cycle to identify potential opportunities. Drill down into asset-level data (such as reserves/resources/grades, feasibility study results, production output/operating/cash costs, etc.) to find quality mining assets. View all source documentation for due diligence reviews and connect data to your models.
  • Assess companies with key financial data such as cash flow, debt, capital structure, institutional ownership, etc. Understand the asset-level ownership by reviewing joint ventures or transactions, directors, ability to raise capital, and complete project funding based on current and historical activity.
  • Act when the time is right. Set up a portfolio to track changes and create Alerts for opportunities on your Watch List.

Discover how S&P Capital IQ Pro can help you make well-informed decisions faster and easier. Take a tour below.

Build a 360° view of publicly and privately traded mining companies

Conduct valuations on mining assets. Benchmark financial performance.

  • Compare mining transactions against a 15+ year history with details on the buyer/seller, deal value, interest acquired, the structure of the deal, the price paid per reserve unit, the average price paid, etc. Gain deeper insights by filtering data by deal size, resource size, location, type of asset, mining style, production output, cash costs, etc.
  • Benchmark the cost-competitiveness of targeted mine with mine cost forecasts up to 2040. Integrate all-in costs, and cash flow analysis (DCF, NPV, IRR) into your valuation model at the mine and company level. Analyze the projected mine costs, cash flows, and NAV calculations and create customized cost forecasts based on your input assumptions (e.g., metal prices, energy costs, fuel prices, etc.)
  • Conduct comprehensive company analysis by incorporating key data (such as market performance, institutional owners, debt, projected cash flow, enterprise value, capital structure, major shareholders, key executives, PE ratios, enterprise value ratios, etc.) and earnings estimates to benchmark and evaluate financial performance.

Access the most extensive supply pipeline data for the global mining industry

Mining exploration

  • Make a well-informed resource allocation strategy with our extensive global exploration budget data with over 20 years of historical information, compiled through surveys of mining companies worldwide. Dissect our latest budget data by location, commodity, development status, and company type or drill down into individual mining company exploration profiles for in-depth comparison.
  • Monitor drilling results as announced to the market. Compare key metrics (such as grade x width, interval, depth, etc) and identify hot spots based on significant drill results. Perform radius searches using current and historical parameters to identify future opportunities. Create a portfolio of projects and companies to receive email alerts and monitor updates.
  • Gain unique insights into the exploration sector with our monthly Industry Monitor reports to keep track of pipeline activity index, significant financings, global drilling activity and resource announcements.

Mine Supply – Discoveries, development and production

  • Model your mining project pipeline and future supply availability with our supply estimates data. Gain strategic perspective on reserve replacement strategies and mined supply of major gold and copper producers. Our studies examine the relationships between the companies' production, reserves, costs, exploration budgets, acquisitions, divestitures, and discoveries during the 10-year period.

Understand the cost-competitiveness of global mines and gauge operational efficiency

Benchmark global cost curves and review mine cost metrics to gauge operational performance.

  • Gain an understanding on the cost-competitiveness of mines by ranking our Mine Economics cost curves. Our Mine Economics provides an intuitive charting tool to group, filter, label, and highlight multiple cost curves by property, equity owner, or geography. You can also access information on production cost breakdown or historical production data to better understand production cost efficiency.

Perform scenario-based risk analysis to value mining assets.

  • Perform sensitivity analysis with our intuitive Mine Economics cost curves and NPV models to understand the value of a mine or possible risk caused by market changes. Input your own macro-economic assumptions and evaluate how they affect mine costs, revenue and NPV to make well-informed decisions.

Navigate volatility with actionable metal market analysis and price forecasts

Monthly and Quarterly Commodity Briefing Service

  • Understand the future demand and supply fundamentals for commodities. Our monthly proprietary Commodity Briefing Service reports cobalt, copper, gold, lithium, iron ore, nickel, steel, and zinc offer five-year rolling metal price forecasts and review the factors affecting the metal markets.

Commodity Estimates

  • Access our Commodity Consensus Price Forecasts to review the long-term forward-looking metal prices, and comprehensive global estimates based on projections, models, analysis, and research.

Commodity Summary

  • Monitor daily commodity pricing effectively with detailed streaming, delayed, and historical pricing data back to the launch date of each product from all the major commodities exchanges around the world.


Access data-driven mining news and proprietary research on the global mining industry

Mining Research Resources

  • Monitor the latest macroeconomic, energy transition, and mining trends with our proprietary research covering exploration, discoveries, development, production, mine cost analysis, M&A, finance, and the supply/demand fundamentals impacting the precious, industrial, and battery metals markets. Our reports range from monthly, and quarterly to annual publications.

Mining News

  • Our comprehensive, real-time global mining news integrates financial and industry-specific data in our articles so you can easily turn information into actionable insights. Made up of investigative reporting, commentary, and special features—our mining news is accessible on web and mobile platforms, news feeds, and email alerts. Our topics range from operations and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, ESG, and project developments in the mining industry.

Aftermarket Research

  • Get in-depth research reports from 1,800+ brokers and independent providers globally with our extensive investment research libraries. A separate subscription to our Aftermarket or Real-Time Research offerings provides you access to more than 35 million analyst reports, including expert insights on electric vehicles and related metal sectors.

Credit Research on the Mining Industry

  • Access S&P Global Ratings’ credit research on the metals and mining sector via the offers RatingsDirect® offering on the S&P Capital IQ Pro platform. Understand the factors and market trends shaping the creditworthiness of the mining sector and the financial health of mining companies.

Streamline your mining industry analysis with advanced visualization and analytical tools

Interactive Mapping

  • Visualize your strategy on our interactive mapping solution and gain strategic insights of the surrounding mining landscape. Create multi-layered maps using mining project and claims data to search for commodity targets or set up alerts to flag opportunities effortlessly. Our interactive mapping solution provides various customization tools to personalize your visual before exporting the map for your presentation.

Discover financial information faster with an AI-powered search and document viewer

  • Accelerate your time to action with our smart search and AI-powered Document Viewer. Easily access the information and data you need across large volumes of text and tables. We help you quickly discover news, documents, equity research, transcripts, investor presentations, and more. Deepen your research with sentiment scores, key phrase searches, and export to Excel.

Connect our data with Microsoft Office

  • Access our Metals & Mining data and formulas in Excel, or leverage our pre-built list of Metals & Mining Excel templates - all refresh with just one click.

Monitor companies and markets with Dashboards

  • Use our Metals & Mining dashboard to monitor the latest activities in the mining sector, covering mining insights, commodity price change, exploration and development and transactions. You can also customize watchlists and review the latest stock performance of mining companies on our Market Monitor dashboard.

Access our data anytime, anywhere with the Mobile App

  • Our powerful mobile app enables you to monitor your watchlists, receive notifications on sector-focused news and access snapshot of corporate profile on-the-go. Please open new tab with all hyperlinks

  • Mining Companies
  • Capital Markets
  • Mining Services & Equipment Providers
  • Government & Regulatory Agencies
  • EV Automakers

Mining Companies

Empower your mining strategy with actionable mining intelligence on S&P Capital IQ Pro.

Identify mining projects for investment or divestment

  • Screen and qualify mining projects for investment evaluation. Screen early-stage pre-resource projects with significant drill results. Assess the operating metrics of mines to understand the performance of the mining projects.

Perform due diligence on mining companies and projects

  • Conduct due diligence on the investments of mining companies,  benchmark company financials, and access M&A data to make well-informed comparisons on purchase prices and valuations.

Benchmark operational efficiency

  • Understand the cost competitiveness of mines by ranking our Mine Economics cost curves to get more clarity on production cost efficiency. Perform scenario analysis to gauge the impact on profits as cost drivers fluctuate.

Capitalize on major trends and developments

  • Supervise the performance of your company’s equity investments using our customized Excel templates. Stay ahead of mining trends and developments with our data-driven mining news and proprietary research on global exploration budgets, exploration and capital raising, reserves replacement, and metal price forecasts.

Capital Markets

Conduct due diligence on mining deals and monitor portfolio performance with insight-ready data.

Mining M&A investment and divestment

  • Evaluate transaction value by examining reliable, in-depth financial, asset, resources, and reserves data. Assess the impact on the profitability of your targeted mine using scenario analysis on our mine cost model. Enhance your pitch book with exported graphics.

Mining portfolio construction and tracking

  • Monitor the performance of mining companies with our earning estimates, key financial ratios, and operating metrics at the asset level. Conduct sensitivity analysis using our mine cost model to forecast the impact on profitability as commodity prices or costs fluctuate.

Understand market dynamics and activity

  • Rely on our global mining news, research insights, and commodity studies to anticipate emerging trends. Our monthly proprietary Commodity Briefing Service reports cover cobalt, copper, gold, lithium, iron ore, nickel, steel, and zinc offer five-year rolling metal price forecasts and examines factors affecting the metal markets.

Mining Services & Equipment Suppliers

Discover mining project pipelines and ownership to unlock hidden business opportunities in the mining industry.

Screen and qualify business opportunities in the mining industry

  • Filter information across key metrics such as geography, commodity, mine type, drill results and activity, project status, and more to generate a pipeline of mining projects for market sizing.
  • Make well-informed sales and business development strategies with historical or forecast mining capital expenditure estimates to identify regions and commodities in which mining companies are planning to invest.

Conduct due diligence on mining companies and projects

  • Conduct strategic due diligence on the asset owner by assessing in-depth corporate profiles, financial data, cash flow analysis, and cost curves of targeted mines.
  • Identify potential projects by examining detailed data on mine-level production, costs, and cash flows. Understand the cost-competitiveness of targeted mines and evaluate the impact of technology investment on asset value to the mine operator. You can also incorporate additional data series such as All-in Costs, All-in Sustaining Costs, Total Cash Margins, and other metrics for deeper analysis for each mine.

Monitor industry trends and supervise key accounts

  • Set up alerts to capture opportunities effortlessly as new activities emerge. Keep on top of mining and exploration trends with our industry analysis to identify new projects, discover potential areas of growth, and evaluate supply-side risk.

Government & Regulatory Agencies

Understand critical mineral supply sources and pipelines to empower supply chain security strategy

Mineral policy and advisory services

  • Search for royalty details on projects, support advisory work with mining news and research, and identify major costs to improve regional competitiveness.

Attract mining investments

  • Gain essential information about exploration budget allocation, and benchmark against regional peers to make well-informed investment promotional strategies.

Identify mining investment opportunities

  • Screen investment targets, benchmark deals with transaction data, and review the cost and production forecast of a project to carry out timely due diligence.

Secure supply of a commodity

  • Understand commodity market outlook, track production pipeline, and identify major producers to plan stockpiling strategies with confidence.


EV Automakers

Discover the sources of battery raw materials and copper. Expand supply for EV car production.

Identify critical minerals projects for supply procurement or investment

  • Screen and identify copper and battery minerals projects across the world to expand the sourcing of critical raw materials supply for EV car production.
  • Assess potential mining projects for acquisition or investment to establish your line of critical minerals supply directly or through partnerships with mining companies. Screen early-stage pre-resource projects with significant drill results. Assess the operating metrics of mines to understand the performance of the mining projects.

Perform due diligence on mining companies and projects

  • Conduct due diligence on critical minerals-producing companies, benchmark company financials, and access M&A data to make well-informed comparisons on purchase prices and valuations.

Understand the cost-competitiveness and operational efficiency of critical minerals-producing mines

  • Understand the cost competitiveness of copper, lithium, cobalt, and nickel mines by ranking our Mine Economics cost curves to get more clarity on cost structure and production cost efficiency. Perform scenario analysis to gauge the impact on profits as cost drivers fluctuate.

Capitalize on major trends and developments

  • Stay ahead of mining trends and developments with our proprietary mining research on exploration, capital raising, reserves replacement, and our monthly commodity reports featuring our 5-year rolling metal price forecasts on lithium, cobalt, nickel, and copper.

Simplify the complexity of the global mining industry

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