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I need to keep up-to-date with in-depth research.

Every day, we collect, scrub, interpret, and analyze vast amounts of content. The result? Deep, actionable intelligence on the global financial markets, companies, and industries that impact your business.

  • S&P Global Ratings Research
  • Quantamental Research
  • Broker & Independent Research
  • Leveraged Commentary & Data

The world looks to us for our view of credit risk and market trends.

And we deliver, with a view of fixed-income markets across the globe, with industry, company, and debt research and commentary from S&P Global Ratings, available via RatingsDirect®.

Sharpen Your Perspective
With over a century of rating experience, proven methodologies, research and credit commentary across the world's debt instruments, issuers, and markets—S&P Global Ratings analysts and economists assess the factors and trends that affect creditworthiness around the world.

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Uncover new alpha insights to power your investment process.

Integrated Quantamental Research products enable portfolio managers, quantitative analysts, and researchers to refine and differentiate their strategies to gain insights into new sources of potential alpha.

Our Quantamental Research group leverages the uniqueness and depth of our combined data and analytics offerings to uncover new investment insights, and works to uncover new anomalies and identify differentiated stock selection strategies. Areas of focus include: natural language processing, event driven investing, industry-specific signals, supply chain interactions, and insights from academic literature.

Access Research

The intelligence you need. For every investment decision.

Power your investment decisions with expert insights from 1,700+ leading brokerage, independent, and market research providers across the globe. Our comprehensive collection features equity, fixed income, sector, economic, and strategy reports from analysts worldwide.

  • Access reports from hundreds of research providers.
  • Download analyst earnings models in their original Excel format, with formulas and assumptions for easy examination.
  • Streamline your workflow with links to proprietary portals of the world's leading investment banks.
  • Easily locate research with sophisticated search functionality and alerts that match your search queries.
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Behind every piece of leveraged loan data is a story.

Gain essential information, act on deals as they emerge, and take advantage of developing trends as the market moves. Drawn from S&P Global Market Intelligence’s leading database of leveraged loan information, Leveraged Commentary & Data (LCD) provides in-depth coverage of the leveraged loan market through real-time news, analysis, commentary, and proprietary loan data. Get real-time coverage of the leveraged primary and secondary loan markets, as well as the high-yield bond and distressed debt/bankruptcy sectors. Produced by our own team of experienced journalists and analysts, our news coverage gives you the power to follow deals throughout their lifecycle.

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See how an investment bank is growing its DCM business

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In the global economy, you demand anytime, anywhere delivery. And we deliver.

You won’t find one-size-fits-all products here. Our solutions cater to the needs of specific market segments—needs determined by users like you. Turn research and raw data into actionable intelligence that’s critical to your workflow. And access it anytime, from anywhere the market may take you—via desktop, web, mobile, or data-feeds.


Our research goes deep and wide, so you can form your own opinion and leave the crowd behind.

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