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Go from transition to transformation with essential energy intelligence

Understand opportunities, costs and risks in the energy transition with critical energy sector data, proprietary energy news and research, and climate analytics.

Latest Energy News & Research

  • Global Energy Sector Coverage
  • Track Global Power Plants
  • Evaluate Performance of Energy Companies
  • Understand the Energy Transition
  • Monitor Energy Markets and M&A
  • Stay Ahead of Energy Developments

S&P Capital IQ Pro platform: Engineered as a single source of global energy intelligence

Understand the global energy landscape and evaluate how energy companies are progressing with energy transition to achieve low-carbon emissions. Our S&P Capital IQ Pro platform provides extensive financials, comprehensive asset data and vital insights on the global energy sector, covering 4,300+ public and 118,000+ private energy companies worldwide.

Drill-down into global power plants and power generation data

As utilities and power companies shift strategies to incorporate renewables power generation, how do you track current, future and retired power plants, generation capacity and project pipeline to identify investment opportunities? Take our S&P Capital IQ Pro platform tour to learn more.

Benchmark energy companies. Identify distressed power generation assets.

As energy companies pursue decarbonization strategies and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, how would their financial performance be affected? We provide in-depth company financials, transaction data, key developments, and corporate yield curves to help you assess business performance with confidence.

  • Leverage our worldwide coverage of 4,300+ listed and 118,000+ private companies in the energy sector to benchmark performance with comprehensive financials covering over 5,000 individual data items.
  • Perform due diligence on energy companies with regulated, templated, SEC financials, as well as third-party private company financials for strategic synergies and divestments.
  • Access our consensus estimates and commodity estimates to review the projected performance of energy companies and commodity prices.
  • Monitor competitors with market-moving news, including private company, transactions, corporate actions, product announcements, potential red flags, and M&A transactions with our Key Developments data.


Navigate through the energy transition

The energy transition presents new opportunities and risks in the sector. Make informed decisions to stay ahead in the game.

  • Account for physical risks in your power plant, project pipeline, and other related energy infrastructure valuation workflows by leveraging our physical risk scores for flooding, heat, cold and earthquakes, etc.
  • Aggregate individual asset risks to evaluate company-level risk across different energy asset classes.
  • Deepen your understanding of how energy regulatory and policy change can impact your ESG investment strategies.
  • Analyze thousands of continuously updated active projects and review past renewable development.
  • Understand the power supply/demand dynamics in data center growth regions and evaluate opportunities for building new plants.
  • Obtain specific research on the corporate renewable markets to understand how technology, policy and regulation are shaping the future of data center growth for renewable projects.
  • Track new battery storage, distributed generation, and datacenter projects to better understand the energy landscape as it evolves

Assess the energy landscape. Capitalize on opportunities.

Turn uncertainty into opportunity during this season of accelerated energy transition. The S&P Capital IQ Pro platform delvers M&A insights to drive market-moving deals. Easily screen for transaction information, dive deep into company financials, asset data and historical deal details to conduct valuation effectively.

  • Screen for potential targets or use our Peer Analytical tool to pull a list of peer comparables that matches your selected criteria. Get email alerts when new targets become available.
  • Search for announced, completed or terminated energy transactions, private placements, and equity/debt offerings and gain comprehensive company and transaction information.
  • Conduct valuation with quality corporate and financial data to perform comprehensive analyses of earnings, multiples, accretion, dilution, weighted average cost of capital (WACC), and return on equity.
  • Access pre-built models on M&A and IPO Transactional Comparables, WACC, and Discounted Cash Flow to research comps.
  • Leverage our Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACSs)* Excel template to review SPAC IPO and merger activity, pull comparable information on various SPACs, view combined company merger information, and dive into a SPAC’s pricing activity.
  • Uncover potential targets/opportunities and use analyst forecasts to evaluate energy companies with our Investment Research tool.


Stay current with data-driven energy news and proprietary research

How are energy companies addressing climate change, navigating regulatory changes on carbon emissions, and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic? Stay ahead with our in-depth energy news stories and research reports to understand what’s driving markets and to surface risks and opportunities for your business.

Our editorial coverage includes significant financial and infrastructure developments for 800 cooperatives and 2,000 publicly owned utilities, as well as major news developments for the top 200 North American and European oil and gas companies. Our research analysts compile asset projection, utility rate case, financial and commission reports, to deliver in-depth analysis and keep you posted on vital developments in the energy sector.

You can also access our energy data and insights around the clock with the Market Intelligence mobile app. Curate your feed based on Saved Lists, Industry, or Geography criteria of your choice.


Catch our global energy solution in action.

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U.S. Power Sector Insights

  • Identify Clean Energy Opportunities
  • Value power and natural gas contracts of the future
  • Quantify Stranded Asset Transition Risk
  • Integrate Climate Risks in Asset Valuation
  • Assess Company Financials and Asset Data
  • Understand Technology in Energy Infrastructure

S&P Capital IQ Pro platform: Quantifies value throughout U.S. power sector's energy transition

Understand opportunities, costs and risks in the energy transition with first-class U.S. power and utilities sector data, electricity price forecasts, proprietary power market and regulatory research, and climate analytics. Delivering critical intelligence that quantifies value throughout the energy transition. That’s the power of S&P Capital IQ Pro.

Clean energy will power the markets of the future. Identify the opportunities in the present.

  • Analyze thousands of continuously updated active power projects and review past renewable projects in development.
  • Bring together Renewable Energy Credit (REC) forecast, hourly power price forecasting, resource adequacy projection and historical nodal and power generation data to accurately value renewable projects.
  • Conduct due diligence on PPA procurement using FERC Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR) and data, proprietary PPA tracking, and power price forecasting.
  • Utilize our hourly power price forecast help guide your solar, wind and battery development work.

Feel the pulse of future power and natural gas pricing to manage energy price risk

  • Power and Natural Gas Forwards: Access the aggregated views of forward trading price movements from four vendors: Amerex, Tradition, BGC, and NYMEX/CME.
  • Modeled Market Intelligence Forwards: Use our proprietary 5-10 year forward models for US natural gas and power locations. Our forecasting team leverages our vendors active trade data to model pricing further into the future.
  • Leverage our desktop portal for quick downloads, screening, and mapping of our forward trading pricing data.
  • Conduct more sophisticated analyses combining our vendors forward data and Market Intelligence's own modeled data through the use of our Excel Add-in.

Distressed power assets often represent valuable investment opportunities. Find Them.

  • Forecast fossil fuel-fired plant retirements using operational and financial metrics like emissions costs, generation, and O&M costs.
  • Track and map coal and gas plant retirements, retrofitting activity, and fuel deliveries.
  • Evaluate the economic connections between fuel costs, demand, and the value of power to quantify asset operating margins.

READ: A nationwide push for green energy could strand $68B in coal, gas assets

Bring physical risk and climate analytics into your energy asset valuation process

  • Account for physical risks in your power plant, pipeline, and other energy infrastructure valuation workflows by leveraging our physical risk scores for flooding, heat, cold and earthquakes, etc.
  • Aggregate individual asset risks to evaluate company-level risk across different energy asset classes.
  • Quantify stranded costs associated with fossil fuel-fired power plants to identify distressed investment opportunities.
  • Track abatement costs associated with fossil fuel-fired assets to better inform asset-investment decisions.
  • Deepen your understanding of how energy regulatory and policy change can impact your ESG investment strategies.

ESG scores are a snapshot of a company's sustainability journey. Look deeper into their investments and financials at the subsidiary and asset level.

  • Build a bottom-up view of utility and energy company's regulatory financials and asset metrics to understand key factors impacting scores.
  • Evaluate utility capital investment, emissions, and financial trends from the asset level up.
  • Monitor the complex regulatory environment governing utilities with vital insights from our Regulatory Research Associate (RRA) content and track rate cases to understand the impact of ESG on investment decisions.

New technology will change our energy infrastructure forever. Be prepared with data that evolves with the landscape.

  • Understand the power supply/demand dynamics in data center growth regions and evaluate opportunities for building new plants.
  • Simplify the intricacies of matching potential load required by data centers with supply from power projects. Use our interactive mapping and embed overlapping utility, power transmission and other infrastructure layers to quickly visualize the competitive landscape.
  • Obtain specific research on the corporate renewable markets to understand how technology, policy and regulation are shaping the future of data center growth for renewable projects.
  • Track new battery storage, distributed generation, and datacenter projects to better understand the energy landscape as it evolves.
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Identify opportunities, costs and risks in the U.S. energy transition.

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The evolving global energy landscape

  • Monitor Energy Risks
  • Integrate ESG Solutions
  • Understand Macroeconomic Trends
  • Evaluate Counterparty Credit Risk
  • Monitor Supply Chain Risk
  • Assess Climate Risk

Discover and evaluate risks in the fast-evolving global energy sector.

With the acceleration to net-zero emissions, extreme weather events, rising social movements, disruptions to supply chain and ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, how do you monitor risks in the energy sector? S&P Global Market Intelligence provides a suite of solutions, ranging from climate analytics, ESG, supply chain intelligence and credit risk solutions to deliver vital insights so that you can make well-informed decisions with confidence.

See What Matters – ESG

Resource scarcity, climate change and population dynamics continuously shape a corporation’s competitive environment. Get the ESG analysis you need to assess these challenges and build strategies to succeed in the transition to a sustainable future.


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Understand how evolving macroeconomic and market trends can impact your business.

Magnify your view of the fixed-income markets across the globe with RatingsDirect. As the official desktop source for credit ratings and research from S&P Global Ratings, combined with additional market intelligence and risk indicators, RatingsDirect helps you research, chart, and analyze credit performance and trends across industries, companies, and securities. Enhance your analysis with aggregated intelligence at the sector, sub-sector, industry, and portfolio level—including 20+ years of ratings history spanning.

Our powerful web-based solution provides the following from S&P Global Ratings:

  • Global, national and regional scale credit ratings on issuer and issue level
  • Detailed research on issuer and issue level, economies, credit trends, hot topics (including Environmental, Social, and Governance [ESG]) and special reports
  • Credit research in local languages (Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish)
  • Credit adjusted Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows


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Understand the credit impacts of covid-19 on your customers and suppliers.

Cross-border supply chain disruptions, changes in industry and country risk factors, extreme volatility in the capital markets, and a potential recession are just some of the headlines top of mind for credit risk professionals today. How can companies quickly and comprehensively assess their spectrum of credit risk exposure?

Conduct efficient surveillance with a holistic view of the credit risk of your counterparty portfolio, and utilize the Excel Add-In to combine fundamental data, ratings, and quantitative credit risk measures in one application.

  • Get early-warning signals of a potential company default with daily credit risk indicators, including equity price-based Market Signal probability of default and credit default swap-based Market Derived Signals 
  • Build targeted email alerts for companies of interest to deliver breaking news, key developments, and rating and credit risk indicator changes, plus reorganizations, management changes, new financings and bankruptcies to your inbox
  • Conduct efficient surveillance with a holistic view of the credit risk of your counterparty portfolio
  • Utilize the Excel Add-In to combine fundamental data, ratings and quantitative credit risk measures in one application, and set custom thresholds to identify companies that meet certain criteria



As COVID-19 and the trade war continue to affect the global supply chain, how do you remain competitive with sourcing and sales?

Our web-based global trade platform, Panjiva delivers essential supply chain intelligence to help you understand competitors’ supply and customer networks, discover potential new suppliers or customers, and identify companies doing business with risky counterparties.

Data driven insights
Profiles on more than 9 million companies and over 1 billion shipment records

Comprehensive view of global trade
Macro data covering 95% of global trade flows and transactional data covering 35% of global trade flows

Understand company trade activities
Data from customs and businesses provide a complete view of import and export movement

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The link between climate change and credit risk.

Assessing a company’s credit risk can be challenging and time consuming due to differing filing obligations, and inconsistent timeliness, availability and quality of data. Get a detailed picture of your company’s credit risk with S&P Global Market Intelligence Credit Analytics. Our Credit Analytics blends cutting-edge models with robust data to help you reliably assess the credit risk of rated and unrated, public and private companies across the globe.

Our Climate Credit Analytics translates climate scenarios

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Learn more about how you can manage risk exposures.

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Data Management Solutions

Leverage the power of differentiated data, robust linking capabilities and flexible delivery to get the most out of your data. Our Data Management Solutions provide an extensive range of datasets to help you better understand the global energy landscape and streamline investment decision-making process. From our power plant asset data to company data, financials, and estimates, to textual data from machine learning and ESG datasets, we have you covered.

With S&P Global Marketplace, you can explore premium fundamental and alternative datasets available seamlessly via Cloud, Data Feed and API Solutions, along with expert analysis to help you stay competitive in your industry.

Check out some of S&P Global Marketplace datasets:

SNL Energy: Analyze over 450 power and mid-stream companies including revenue, volume and customer counts by customer class.

Trucost Physical Risk: Trucost's Physical Risk dataset assesses company exposure to physical risk at the asset-level based on a database of over 500,000 assets mapped to 15,000+ listed companies in the S&P Market Intelligence database.

Trucost Carbon Earnings at Risk: Trucost's Carbon Earnings at Risk data enables you to assess company-level exposure to current and future carbon pricing scenarios.

Weather Source: Weather Source offers a single source of truth for hyper-local weather and climate data.

451 Research Datacenter KnowledgeBase: Now available over Xpressfeed™ and Snowflake.

The 451 Research Datacenter KnowledgeBase dataset provides datacenter location, services, and utilization data to support cloud services, ESG, energy, media, and critical infrastructure analysis. Users will have access to a global database of 7,300+ colocation and wholesale datacenter facilities, covering more than 90 data points per facility.

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Now available over Xpressfeed™ and Snowflake

Learn more about our Data Management Solutions.

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