Markets become clear only when there’s a steady view.

Companies, governments, and individuals turn to our iconic benchmarks for everything from gauging the performance of securities and portfolios to measuring the real-time price of markets. We help decision makers judge the merits of their options by better understanding key markers, changes and deals that span multiple markets and industries. We offer more than one million price benchmarks and indices. Our mission is to provide transparency to the markets so we ensure our price methodologies reflect what is actually going on in the market. When it comes to benchmarks, we get high marks for our leadership, integrity and insights.

Measuring the real-time price of markets

Our benchmark prices have become the industry standard as market participants use them to write contracts, monitor their markets and achieve full transparency around transactions. By constantly monitoring market activity and engaging our customers across industries, we create solutions today that can help customers tomorrow.

Gauging investment performance

Among our more than one million price benchmarks and indices are global equity, fixed income, commodity, infrastructure and real estate. Our iconic benchmark and indices, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average® and S&P 500®, provide leading market insight to individuals and institutions so they can evaluate the performance of their investments – from the most complex investment strategy to the most basic retirement portfolio.