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Save valuable time extracting and spreading data while gaining new insights

ProSpread™ automatically extracts and spreads relevant data from PDF financial statements, by leveraging Natural Language Processing combined with Optical Character Recognition.

Automatically extract and spread data from Images and PDF financial statements, including scanned documents

Eliminate the time-consuming process of manually inputting financial statement data into your tools with ProSpread, a powerful workflow solution for automatically extracting and spreading data from financial statements using natural language processing combined with optical character recognition.

  • Multi-Format Image Support: Upload financial statements, including scanned documents in PDF format, and ProSpread will extract and spread what you need.
  • Multi-Language Support: Upload documents in up to 10 different languages.
  • Continuous Learning: ProSpread learns as the user cycles through individual financial data points to edit, reassign, or confirm matches.
  • Save and Upload: Spread extracted financials into your proprietary data store by leveraging S&P Capital IQ platform’s proprietary data framework, assign to an existing company, or create a new one.
  • Score Company: Leverage the Credit Analytics suite of analytical models to score companies with extracted financials.
  • Ratio Support: calculate S&P Capital IQ standard ratios or create custom ratios from extracted financials.
  • Proprietary data: create and assign proprietary data alongside the extracted financials.
  • Auditability: provide an essential audit trail of any changes that have been made to extracted data by clicking through to the source of the financial item.
  • Balancing: detect if the data is deficit or overage and apply the provided suggestions within the financial statements.
  • Image Carousel: extract and focus on the essential information from  individual pages from financial statements.

Getting access to the right data and quick insights no longer needs to be a challenge

Manual data extraction from counterparties’ financial statements is costly, inefficient and error-prone. Workflows are often limited by a lack of integrated spreading capabilities with internal/third party workflow systems. Additionally, corporations, banks, investment managers and banks alike run into issues with storing extracted data, determining effective permission settings, and protecting proprietary data. On top of this, analytical insights drawn from the extracted data can be limited if they do not incorporate fundamental analytical overlays.

Go beyond data extraction and gain insights with Credit Analytics

  • Spread extracted financials into your proprietary data store and/or leverage S&P Capital IQ’s proprietary data framework
  • Score companies with extracted financials by leveraging Credit Analytics models

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