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Investment Banking

For investment banking, we deliver sector-focused data, intelligence, and analytics essential to serving your clients’ needs.

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  • Sector-Focused Intelligence
  • Data for Essential Insights
  • Market Analysis Tools
  • Investment Research
  • From Data to Presentation
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More than just data—access exclusive news and sector-focused intelligence.

Get more than basic financials and broker reports. Dive into deep SNL sector data, ratios, and meaningful metrics that are specific to your industry—and go even further with proprietary research, analysis, and sector projections. Sectors covered include:

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    Essential data to identify your next investment opportunity.

    Our deep, reliable, and differentiated data includes:

    • Sector-specific financials
    • Standardized financial statements that make comparisons across multiple companies easy
    • Company profiles that highlight sector-specific performance
    • Company tear-sheets that feature news, key developments, and transactions
    • Private and public company data with alerts on company leadership changes and restructures, recent and historic transactions, company investors, holders, and more

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      Run comparables and identify investors, acquisitions, and investments with powerful screening tools.

      Navigate through an expansive database with screening and targeting tools that allow you to identify and create customized lists of companies, transactions, securities, professionals, key developments, and more using the quantitative or qualitative criteria of your choice. You can also view auto-generated lists of trading and transaction comparables with unique, proprietary algorithm-based Quick Comps and Transaction Quick Comps tools.

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      Power your decisions with essential Investment Research.

      Insightful research matters. Access our award-winning collection of Aftermarket Research and get the insights you need to generate new ideas with in-depth analyses of companies, products, industries, and regions from 1,800+ brokerage, independent, and market research providers around the globe.

      Our solutions speak for themselves. S&P Global Market Intelligence has been awarded Best Research Provider at the Inside Market Data Awards and Inside Reference Data Awards twice in the past six years.

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      Simplify your workflow with Microsoft Office tools for models, presentations, and documents.

      • Create and update financial models, pitchbooks, and PIBs efficiently with our linking tools in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
      • Efficiently build and modify financial models with reliable and transparent financials, market, and company data with our Excel Add-In.
      • Utilize 130+ model templates for investment banking, update presentations, and format models with our presentation tools.

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        Get the edge you need for investment banking.

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        See how a large SE Asian bank expanded its markets

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        Discover the essential solution for investment banking.

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