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S&P Global Market Intelligence

Columb Strack

Head of Global Cargo Risk

Columb Strack provides political and security risk advice for cargo and supply chain clients, as well as expertise on open-source intelligence (OSINT) and data-driven conflict analysis at S&P Global Market Intelligence

Delivering regular client briefings and reports on risks affecting aviation, ground and marine cargo globally, Columb coordinates the country risk team's marine cargo and piracy risk services, and maintains Lloyd's of London's Joint Cargo Watchlist. Previously, he was a senior Middle East analyst in the company for seven years, covering the rise and fall of the Islamic State and conflicts throughout the region, and spent four years as a British Army reservist in an ISR role. While managing OSINT collection for the Middle East & North Africa, he developed the Jane's Conflict Monitor product, which delivers unique data-driven insights into the conflicts in Iraq and Syria for government and national security clients.

Columb holds a Master of Arts in Politics & International Relations and a Master of Science in Strategic Studies from the University of Aberdeen. He is bi-lingual in English and German, and has lived and studied Arabic in Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco.