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Max Signorelli

Research Analyst, Media & Entertainment

Max Signorelli is a research analyst for the Media & Entertainment team in technology at S&P Global , now a part of Informa Tech.

Max Signorelli specializes in global physical and online video markets with regional expertise in EMEA. His research covers markets both developed and emerging and includes in-depth strategy analysis of local and international OTT subscription video players in the Middle East and Africa, wider video Entertainment analysis of European markets and putting video into context as part of wider business ecosystems through international company case studies. He contributes quantitative and qualitative analysis to the Media and Entertainment product portfolio through extensive research and consultancies as well as published commentaries and reports. Since he joined the company in March 2017, he has written reports about key global players in the online video space, including YouTube and Amazon. Mr. Signorelli holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Imperial College London, United Kingdom.