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Lucinda Ross

Senior Technical Research Analyst, Vantage, S&P Commodity Insights

Lucinda Ross is a senior technical analyst within the Vantage Research and Content Team at S&P Commodity Insights.

Lucinda joined S&P Global in April 2022 as a senior technical analyst focusing on upstream asset valuation in Africa within the Vantage Research and Content Team. As part of a multidisciplinary team of geoscientists and economists, she is responsible for the production forecasting, cost modelling and economic analysis of assets in some of the major markets in Africa. Her work focuses on a variety of areas including asset valuation, fiscal and political changes and their impact to the production outlook and identifying the risks and uncertainties associated with each asset. She is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Before joining S&P Global, Lucinda worked for 9 years at the South African national oil company as a Reservoir Engineer. Her duties there focused on reservoir management, reserves estimation, reservoir simulation and production forecasting. Lucinda holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town.