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S&P Global Commodity Insights

Matthew Palmer

Senior Director, Global Gas

Matthew Palmer, a senior director at S&P Global Commodity Insights, is an authority on North American natural gas markets with upstream oil and gas and financial risk management experience.

Matthew is an expert at developing fundamentals-based supply, demand, and price forecasts and an understanding of the associated risks. He has developed a wide range of analytical models and tools to assess markets, has prepared presentations, and has written reports on the natural gas, electric power, and oil markets. This includes broad industry outlooks, regional analyses, and granular market assessments. He has a deep understanding of oil and gas infrastructure, regional supply and demand, and locational price differentials across the United States and Canada.

Before joining S&P Global, he was director of fundamentals at Encana, where he was responsible for natural gas and power market fundamentals analysis and oversaw Encana's risk management activities for natural gas. Matthew began his career with S&P Global, where he led the development of natural gas demand forecasts, researched the relationship between oil and natural gas prices, and followed the western North American regional gas market. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States.