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S&P Global Market Intelligence

Bree Neff

Director, News & Research Management, Economics & Country Risk

Bree Neff is the Associate Director for Asia Pacific Economics team at S&P Global Market Intelligence, managing the team of economists responsible for production of the region's forecasts and written analysis, including the China Regional Service.

Bree has worked for the Economics and Country Risk segment of S&P Global Market Intelligence and its predecessors, including Global Insight, since 2007. Bree has experience forecasting for over 20 different economies in the region at different stages of economic development. She is a previous winner of the Consensus Economics Forecast Accuracy Award for her 2013 and 2016 Australia macroeconomic forecasts, 2016 Indonesia forecasts, and 2018 Malaysia forecasts.

Bree earned a master's degree in international economics and finance from the International Business School at Brandeis University and a bachelor's degree in economics and French from Colorado State University, both United States. She is fluent in English and French.