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S&P Global Mobility

Jill Louden

Associate Director, Industry Performance

Jill Louden is the product manager of AutoCreditInsight for the Industry Performance team at S&P Global Mobility.

AutoCreditInsight is a powerful tool that brings together new and used US vehicle registrations with TransUnion credit files to provide unparalleled insights into customer credit profiles, lender market share, dealer performance, and risk selection. Her passion for her client's business brings valuable thought leadership to automotive decision-makers at OEMs and lenders.

Prior to her tenure at S&P Global, Jill served as Customer Engagement and Loyalty Director for JP Morgan Chase's Auto Partnerships organization where she a led at team responsible for loyalty growth at Chase's Private Label partners. She brings over 20 years of experience in various roles in automotive marketing, sales, business development, and consulting. She has led and worked closely with teams, OEMs, dealers, and customers across the US.

Jill holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Cox School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas.