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S&P Global Mobility

Seonok Lee

Principal analyst, Automotive Planning Solutions

Seonok Lee serves as a principal analyst in the Planning Solutions group at S&P Global Mobility, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Seonok excels in utilizing advanced data analysis skills and profound market insights to provide valuable information and strategic recommendations to clients and stakeholders in the automotive industry. Her team's core competency lies in sales-based powertrain forecasting, with her primary focus being the European and South Korean market framework.

Drawing from a comprehensive understanding of the macro-economy, regulatory forces, market trends, customer behavior, and OEM strategies, Lee formulates long-term market demand forecast decisions.

Seonok began her career in the automotive industry after earning a bachelor's degree in South Korea and a master's degree from Heidelberg University in Germany. Prior to joining S&P Global Mobility Lee worked for six years specializing in passenger car market and customer analysis in a major OEM R&D center in Germany.