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S&P Global

Alan Lammey

Senior Markets Analyst, Gas, Power, and Energy Futures

Alan Lammey is a senior markets analyst with the Gas, Power, and Energy Futures team at S&P Global.

Mr. Lammey's area of specialty is in US natural gas prices and price-setting mechanisms that influence price direction (futures and spot markets). As a certified weather forecaster, he also has more than a decade of experience in analyzing how weather patterns and modeling impact natural gas supply, demand, and storage. Mr. Lammey has 25 years of experience working in the energy futures and physical markets. As a formerly licensed stock, options, and commodities broker in the 1990s, he also offers keen insight into the financial side of the energy markets, particularly as to how and why market participants may be positioning themselves into various futures and derivative positions based on technical drivers as well as underlying macro and micro fundamental catalysts. Prior to joining S&P Global in 2013, Mr. Lammey was a senior energy markets analyst for Energy Intelligence Group, where he produced daily written analysis on the US oil and natural gas markets. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in business from the University of Houston, United States.