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S&P Global Market Intelligence

Timo Klein

Principal Economist, Insights and Analysis

Timo Klein is a principal economist at S&P Global Market Intelligence, focusing on Western Europe.

Timo is responsible for providing economic and risk analyses for the German-speaking countries in Western Europe - specifically Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Liechtenstein - including modeling and forecasting macroeconomic developments in these countries. He has appeared on Bloomberg and CNBC, providing presentations on central bank policy and economic issues. Timo has published several research papers on topics relevant to European Economic and Monetary Union and the role of the European Central Bank. In 2004, he joined Global Insight - a firm acquired by S&P Global, in 2008. Previously, he worked as a managing analyst at MMS International, heading the team responsible for Eurozone macroeconomic analysis. Prior to 1999, he was the German economist and Bundesbank watcher, analyzing interactions between German economic and interest rate developments.