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S&P Global Mobility

Sharon Huang

Consulting Analyst

Sharon Huang is a consulting analyst at S&P Global Mobility

Sharon is a consulting analyst based in Frankfurt, Germany, specializing in sustainability. With a deep understanding of regulations, industry practices, and emerging trends, Sharon is skilled at helping clients navigate the complexities and changing dynamics of sustainability topics within the industry.

In addition to her expertise in sustainability, Sharon has extensive experience in market analysis, with a primary focus on the European and Chinese markets. She excels in building OEM strategy frameworks and market frameworks, providing valuable support to projects and clients worldwide. Sharon offers tailored recommendations and insights to meet the unique needs of each project.

Sharon holds a bachelor's degree in International Management from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Before transitioning to her current role, she completed an internship at S&P Global Mobility, where she gained valuable knowledge of the overall automotive industry. This combination of academic and practical experience enables her to approach consulting projects with a strategic mindset, delivering optimal results for her clients.