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Cristina Grigore

Executive Director, OTC Derivatives Data and Valuations

Cristina Grigore is Executive Director of our OTC Derivatives and Valuations team at S&P Global within Market Intelligence. In her role, she is responsible for leading our OTC derivatives valuations and collateral suite of solutions

Based in London, Cristina is part of the Pricing & Valuation Business Development team, leading our OTC derivatives valuations and collateral suite of solutions. Prior to this role, she led the EMEA Portfolio Valuations client service team and has been with the firm since 2012.

With over 20 years of international work experience Cristina started her career in OTC Derivatives valuations with Bear Stearns in New York and subsequently run the OTC derivatives valuations operations team within JP Morgan Securities Services. Cristina is focused on providing customer driven solutions, implemented through both internal as well as external collaborations and has led several initiatives such as the recent Initial Margin solution, which helps firms achieve compliance with Uncleared Margin Rule (UMR).

Cristina holds an MBA with dual concentration in Finance and Marketing from Syracuse University and is originally from Romania, where she graduated with a degree in International Business from the Academy of Economic Studies.