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S&P Global Commodity Insights

Clotilde Cantos

Consultant, Agribusiness

Consultant responsible for ad hoc market research projects, bothquantitative and qualitative.

Clotilde joined Agribusiness after a successful career as co-owner of a market research agency, specialized in the agricultural sector. Based on her 35 years of experience in ag-related market research, Clotilde is a key person in developing sample sizes and methodologies for the ad hoc market research. Her expertise includes qualitative market research methodologies, including focus groups and in-depth interviewing, quantitative market research, including pricing analysis, branding strategies and brand equity and behavioural studies.

Clotilde is an agronomist (ESALQ university) and has several post graduate studies, including a master´s degree in economics from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, a master´s degree in environmental issues from SENAC and post graduate work from ESPM university, specialized in marketing.