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Vedant Bagri, CFA

Research Analyst, S&P Global market Intelligence

Vedant Bagri is a Dividend Research Analyst at S&P Global market Intelligence

Vedant is responsible for dividend forecasting in the American region, focusing on specialized sectors such as Banks & Financial Services, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). He is a global research team member with a focus on banking and financial institutions. His research focuses on the balance banks have to strike between capital return to shareholders, meeting regulatory requirements, and exploring how these financial entities strategically expand their operations across regional, national, and global landscapes, adding another dimension to his research insights.

Before joining S&P, he worked as a Derivative trader & Analyst where he traded in index F&O, maintained Delta hedging, and was part of the market makers team. His responsibilities included actively taking derivative strategies to capitalize on market trends in proprietary accounts, maintaining optimal portfolio risk exposure, and maintaining liquidity and pricing of options.

Vedant is a CFA charter holder and also a member of the CFA Society of India. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce.