Data & Analytics

What’s the backbone of a strong decision? Robust and meaningful data and analytics.

Our data & analytics professionals gather data from millions of sources and deliver powerful analytics solutions that business leaders all over the world use to make decisions, increase revenue, and manage risk. As the world becomes more complex, the need for the right data and meaningful analysis grows. That’s why we’re determined to uncover points of connection and pinpoint the most essential information quickly.

Wide-Ranging Intelligence

We integrate news, market- and sector-specific data, and analytics into intelligent tools to help customers track performance, identify investment ideas, understand market dynamics, perform valuations, and assess credit risk. Our flexible delivery offers customers access to our data and analytics wherever, whenever they need it—from desktop platforms to mobile apps to on-demand data feeds.


Meaningful Insight

S&P Global brings insightful data to asset managers, investment consultants, exchanges, corporations, energy producers and utilities, investment banks and other financial institutions worldwide. We make sure that data is relevant to the particular sector or to specific situation, with analysis that covers changing market conditions.

Clear Focus

We know our customers need to be able to see the big picture as well as zero in on the information they need. So we integrate our proprietary analysis, sector expertise and tools with price assessments, market fundamental data and news. Decision-makers can customize data and configure tools to better assess risk, decide when to invest or divest, or measure the impact of trends, technology, and public policy.