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I need data to make informed decisions.

Not all data is created equal. Comprehensive and consistently reliable, our datasets give you history, point-in-time, sector-specific, and real-time insights—compiled from millions of hard-to-get, multinational sources.

Our company data captures 99.9% of the world's market capital.

With global data coverage, our insights spread across the companies and sectors that matter most: macroeconomics and policy, financial institutions, insurance, healthcare, real estate, consumer, energy, metals and mining, technology, media and telecommunications, and more. We synthesize breaking news, comprehensive market intelligence, and analytics so you can make decisions with conviction.


Access 4M+ companies, 20+ years of ratings, and 900,000+ transactions. Make data-driven decisions with confidence.

  • Analytically Adjusted Financials
  • Default and Recovery
  • Scores and Probability of Default
  • RatingsDirect®
  • Corporate Yield Curves
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Standardize with consistent line-by-line financial statement data.

Improve the clarity, consistency, and comparability of credit risk analysis with pre-adjusted and post-adjusted financial statement data from S&P Global Ratings.

Support the evaluation of credit quality and improve efficiency with credit-adjusted financial statement information for 3,400+ Corporates and 900+ Financial Institutions rated by S&P Global Ratings.

Learn More About Analytically Adjusted Financials

Generate rates with data built on 30+ years of S&P Global Ratings’ Research.

Enhance the rigor and veracity of your credit risk assessments by integrating rating transition matrices and default and recovery rates that reflect your specific portfolio and risk management requirements.

30 years of S&P Global Ratings’ rating experience and research captures the performance of 15,000+ companies, 175,000+ debt instruments, 200,000+ structured finance tranches, and 175+ sovereign entities across the globe.

Learn More About Default and Recovery Solutions

Access a database of 648,000+ companies with pre-calculated credit and probability of default scores.

In today's complex markets the credit health of your counterparties and investments evolves constantly. Your ability to reliably score and efficiently monitor potential risk exposure to the rated and unrated universe needs to not only keep up, but surpass the pace of change.

Use global market- and fundamental-based credit views to holistically assess your credit risk exposures. Incorporate credit risk benchmarks into your processes at the country, industry, and S&P Dow Jones Index level. Provide relative context to individual scores and monitor trends over time.

Learn More About Scores and Probability of Default

The official desktop source for S&P Global Ratings.

S&P Global Ratings’ 1,400+ analysts provide independent and objective credit opinions with local perspective within a global context. The current rating portfolio monitors the performance of 78,000+ securities across 9,000+ companies; 13,000+ instruments from 575+ sovereign-related entities; and 689,000+ U.S. Public Finance debt issues as well as 59,000+ structured finance tranches, representing $48+ trillion in rated debt.

Ratings data is available via RatingsDirect®, on our desktop platform, mobile apps, Excel Plug-in, and via Xpressfeed, our powerful data feed management solution.

Learn More About RatingsDirect®

Credit term structures across three currencies, seven ratings, and every GICS® sector.

Reliably value and monitor debt, perform discounted cash flow valuations, and execute transfer pricing and accounting analysis. Easily view your desired curves with data utilizing thousands of bond prices updated daily by sector, rating, and currency.

Our Corporate Yield Curves offer broad and consistent coverage of credit term structures (1 month – 30 years), across three currencies ($, €, £), every GICS® sector (non-financial corporates, investment grade and high yield), and seven ratings (AAA – CCC).

Corporate Yield Curves are available on our S&P Capital IQ platform and Excel Plug-in.

Learn More About Our Corporate Yield Curve Solution

Discover essential sector-focused news, research, and macroeconomic data.

Quality data from our S&P Global, S&P Capital IQ, SNL, and Compustat collections fuels everything at S&P Global Market Intelligence. We take it further with research by in-house analysts who support and build customizable reports for our clients, such as proprietary aftermarket research and real-time research. We play a vital role in providing the data you need to make decisions.


We're not your typical news outlet. Go beyond basic news, and experience news that directly incorporates analytics.

  • GICS®
  • CUSIP® Global Services
  • Compustat®
  • Cross-Reference Services
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Gain transparency into sector-based investing with GICS®.

Jointly Developed by S&P Global and MSCI

Meeting the global financial community's need for one complete, consistent set of global sector and industry definitions, GICS® has become the standard widely recognized by market participants worldwide. Organize sell-side research and industry reporting without geographic limitations. Effectively identify niche findings in emerging markets.

GICS® Direct
In an ever-flattening world marketplace, you need an edge. GICS® Direct is your powerful resource to determine whether stock movements are locally based or part of a broader macro trend.

GICS® History
Assist your statistical analysis, back-testing, and historical performance attribution. Data includes historical company-level GICS® codes and descriptions, company name, and common identifiers.

Learn More About GICS®

Common Language. Uncommon Value.

A Leader for 45+ Years

CUSIP® Global Services (CGS) provides a common language to identify 26,000,000+ financial instruments across institutions, exchanges, and nations globally. CGS is also a founding member of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) Service Bureau, a global security database for 34,000,000+ public and private instruments.

Experience, Process, Technology, and Innovation
60+ data elements are analyzed for each instrument. The result? An identifier that’s meaningful, accurate, and efficient. For a description of full coverage and data management options, request a demo.

CGS is managed on behalf of the American Bankers Association (ABA) by S&P Global Market Intelligence, with a Board of Trustees who represent the voices of leading financial institutions.

Learn More About CUSIP®

Standardized, historical and point-in-time data

Leverage Compustat® for enhanced research and insightful analysis:

  • Unlock alpha and enhance your analysis with deep historical data that lets you research companies across numerous economic cycles and regimes.
  • Avoid survivorship bias in your analysis with dedicated corporate actions entity management.
  • View true point-in-time analysis that helps you understand available data as of a given point in time to avoid look ahead bias.
  • Access over 5,000 data items including supplemental items, and leverage highly standardized data for consistency and comparability across companies and items over time.

Learn More About Compustat®

Get the essential reference picture for concentration, market exposure, and risk.

Discover essential cross reference services:

BECRS: Business Entity Cross Reference Service
Access a comprehensive system of entities, companies, and issuers to improve efficiencies. We link the standardized and proprietary IDs for 2,000,000+ entities to one primary key—the Market Intelligence Company ID.

ISCRS: Industry Sector Cross Reference Services
Extensive industry sector classifications linked at the company level. Industry classifications include GICS®, ICB Sector Classification (ICB), Industry Classification, ETF Style Classification, S&P Global Ratings, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), and much more.

GICRS: Global Instruments Cross Reference Services 
GICRS houses global security identifiers for cross-referencing 3,000,000+ issues from 200+ exchanges. Includes securities, bonds, indices, floating rate notes, and more.

Learn More About Cross-Reference Services

Access the universe of Market Intelligence data.

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