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Unveiling Economic Uncertainties: Analyzing Macroeconomic Impact on Industry Credit Risks

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
1 hour

The macroeconomic environment is constantly evolving, and new risks are emerging globally.

It is crucial to understand the implications of these risks and analyze how they can impact the credit risk of a firm or an industry under different macro scenarios during this period of extreme uncertainty.

We have generated the forecasted credit risk estimates across industry sectors in major APAC countries using S&P Global Market Intelligence's robust credit assessment model.

The analysis demonstrates how different macroeconomic scenarios may affect the credit risk profile of industry sectors, either negatively or positively, and how financial institutions may utilize such scenario analysis to evaluate and monitor the risk of their portfolio.

  • Identification of emerging risks in the global economy and how S&P Global Market Intelligence integrates this macroeconomic landscape into various scenarios.
  • Analyze risk levels, volatilities, and risk changes across industry sectors in key APAC countries.
  • How macroeconomic scenarios could result in material changes in the risk profile of a company, industry, and geographic region.

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S&P Global Contributor
Katriona is responsible for developing and delivering the Go-To-Market strategy of our credit risk product offerings across APAC. Full Bio


S&P Global Contributor
Kyunga Hwang is a Credit Product Specialist at S&P Global Market Intelligence, based in Seoul. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Jasleen Uppal holds 14+ years of experience in the fields of financial risk analytics and quantitative modelling. Full Bio

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