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Making smart decisions to stay ahead of the market has never been more important. Unlock a world of insurance opportunities with asset-level data, custom mapping solutions, company financials, in-depth research, and essential news coverage.

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  • Underwriting
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Management
  • Actuarial
  • Product Management
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Underwrite your future with essential intelligence.

In today's competitive insurance market, it's not enough to maintain the status quo. Insurance companies must understand their book of business and how to position themselves for future growth. Our tools arm you with the insights you need to seize new opportunities and act with confidence.

Maintaining a profitable book of business comes from internal visibility, and you need the right tools to analyze and act on the data. We help underwriters reliably and quickly price the risk of a prospective client, or at the time of renewal, with a 360-degree holistic view that helps increase speed of execution. Our tools help you efficiently analyze risk exposure by market, lines of business, and geography.

Make smarter business decisions with consistent models customized to your specifications and underwriting workflow. Include industry-specific ratios and metrics, documents, and news coverage of your insureds. Reliably underwrite companies worldwide with data that’s extensively vetted and standardized across countries and industries.


We built a robust suite of tools, so you can focus on the analysis that matters most.

S&P Global Market Intelligence provides end-to-end solutions for credit risk professionals to help you effectively manage the full spectrum of your credit risk exposure in an unpredictable environment.

Our granular insurance data solution allows you to take a deep dive into your counterparties’ risk health. Compare and contrast companies in your portfolio to find risk outliers. Our data can seamlessly fit into your existing models and systems, enabling you to automate the data collection process and saving valuable time.

Early warning indicators—linked to market signals, news and events—help you quickly react to changes in the market, identify developing risks, and better manage your exposure to credit and counterparty risk.


Sound investment decisions begin with the right intelligence.

As an investment manager, being one step ahead of the market is critical in generating alpha. Whether you’re analyzing the equity or debt markets, or making investment decisions, the Market Intelligence platform has the tools you need to stay ahead.

Access to knowledge and cross-sector intelligence is essential. Our solutions for investment professionals arm you with the tools you need to analyze financial performance and make sound investment decisions. Easily identify trends in key markets that help drive your business and benchmark against industry peers globally.

We help you turn raw data into cutting edge insights, supporting:

    • Investment idea generation
    • Portfolio constriction and monitoring
    • Research and analysis


There’s financial analysis, and then there’s essential financial analysis.

Gain access to the most up-to-date metrics and product filings to conduct peer analysis and monitor the market. We provide sector-specific metrics including market share, rate changes, and loss reserve data so you can make decisions with conviction.

Drill down into data categorized by state or line of business so you can better analyze competitor activity. Our granular insurance data solution allows you to take a deep dive into the market. Set up alerts for pricing and loss reserves, so you can get early warning signs and manage your profitability.


We gather product pricing, so you can position your product for success.

Up-to-date market data is vital to keep track of the products your competitors offer, so you can compete. Access statutory data, rate filings, and product filings through the Market Intelligence platform and build innovative products for your customers that stand out from the crowd.

Our granular insurance data solution allows you to take a deep dive into the market. Drill down into data categorized by state or line of business so you can better analyze competitor activity. We provide industry specific ratios and metrics, documents and news coverage of your peers.


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