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The retail market is rapidly evolving. Remain ahead of competition with the right solutions.

With full coverage of retailers, restaurants, automotive, and consumer companies, we provide the critical data and insights you need to stay on top of rapidly advancing trends.

Uncover insight into the Retail Industry.

Our solutions provide actionable intelligence into one of the most expansive and impactful global industries – retail and consumer goods. Stay up-to-date on the latest news, rumors, mergers, tariffs, and analysis that can impact your business.


We provide essential intelligence, so you can make decisions with conviction.

Sector-focused news & research for retail & consumer.

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  • Sector-Focused News
  • Credit Risk

Uncover vital market changes in retail, faster.

    S&P Global Market Intelligence integrates financial and industry data into tools that help track performance, generate alpha, identify investment ideas, understand competitive and industry dynamics, perform valuation, and assess risk.

    • Support critical business decisions with timely, reliable, industry-leading sets of point-in-time and restated fundamental data.
    • Dive into ownership data on 45,000+ current public and private companies.
    • Leverage data to research prospective investments, locate M&A targets, monitor companies and counterparties, and identify potential opportunities.
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    Stay on top of the retail and consumer landscape with breaking news.

    Our worldwide team of 300+ editors and reporters provide nuanced, end-to-end coverage of the global supply chain for dozens of consumer discretionary and staples industries. Stay on top of the trends with proprietary stories covering:

    • The latest retail and consumer trends - read detailed reports authored by subject matter experts
    • Shifts in consumer purchasing - see how technology and economic opportunities are impacting the global landscape
    • Regulation - gain insight into how regulatory updates will impact local and global retail opportunities

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    Credit risk will never go away. But you can monitor to stay ahead.

    End-to-end solutions for credit risk professionals to help you effectively manage the spectrum of your credit risk exposure in an unpredictable environment.

    • Credit Analytics provide essential data, tools, and analytical models to help you stay one-step-ahead of credit risk. 
    • Credit Assessment Scorecards provide credit and risk management professionals with the essential tools needed to identify and manage potential default risk of private, publically traded, rated and unrated companies of any size, across a multitude of sectors.
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    Our products turn data into actionable insights.

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