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Public Finance Automated Scoring Tool (PFAST)

An automated municipal credit scoring and data solution

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Automate Data Collection and Credit Scoring of Your Municipal Exposures

The US Public Finance sector comprises tens of thousands of rated and unrated issuers. Many institutions, governments, and corporations need to assess the credit quality of these issuers, but often spend more time gathering the necessary data than conducting a robust credit risk analysis.

Automate Data Collection and Credit Scoring of Your Municipal Exposures

PFAST is an automated scoring and data solution to measure the credit risks of State & Local Governments and Enterprise-driven segments, such as Water & Sewer, Higher Education, Transportation, and Healthcare. PFAST provides data and scores through flexible delivery channels. The flexibility and transparency of the model allow for conducting scenario analysis and assessment of the impact on credit risk of changes in credit conditions.

Understanding the Credit Quality of  Your Infrastructure Investments

For more than 100 years, the US has been able to address its’ infrastructure through the US Municipal Bond Market. For investors, the highly segmented nature of the Municipal Bond Market creates challenges. Each segment, such as state and local governments, healthcare systems, and transportation issuers, requires a different analytical approach and distinctly different data sets.

As our nation looks to rebuild its infrastructure, consider PFAST and its streamlined data collection and credit scoring process to help you understand and monitor the credit quality of your infrastructure investments.

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Proactively Manage Municipal Exposures

Gain the insights you need to quickly and efficiently evaluate credit risk

CUSIP-driven automated surveillance portfolio tool that generates credit sub-scores and final scores in minutes. These scores act as an early warning indicator by leveraging the most current financial and economic data updated on a monthly basis.

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PFAST Coverage

Scorecards for the largest five U.S. Public Finance segments, including: General Obligations, Water & Sewer, Not-for-Profit Higher Education, Not-for-Profit Healthcare, Health Care, and Transportation. These five segments comprise approximately 90% of the U.S. municipal sector.**

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Delivery Channels

Data and scores are available through flexible delivery channels, including API and feeds. Get your data how you want it, when you want it.

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Seamless Integration of ESG Factors

Environmental factors include the physical risk of the location in which the entity is located as well as climate transition risk. Social and human capital, health and safety and other social factors are considered for the social component while Risk management, governance structure and transparency and reporting are included under Governance.


PFAST Scorecard Business Applications

PFAST provides a granular, transparent, and consistent framework for the measurement and assessment of credit risk. It facilitates multiple business applications, including:

  • Loan origination
  • Investment opportunities
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Customer finance
  • Insurance
  • Bond pricing

PFAST Scorecard, S&P Global Market Intelligence, 2022. For illustrative purposes only.

Features Benefits
Automated quantitatively derived PFAST Scores for all U.S. cities, counties, school districts, and states. Productivity gains with automated data collection and credit scoring.
The scope of application includes Cities, Counties, School Districts, States, Water and Sewer Utilities, Healthcare, Higher Education, and Transportation. Single-source solution that allows you to score more than 90% of the U.S. municipal market.*
Training and ongoing support from the analytical team. PFAST client training workshops and easy to use Scorecard User Guides help to ensure a successful implementation.
Rigorous, tested and fully documented approach supported by explicit scoring criteria and extensive user and technical documentation. PFAST enhances consistency and transparency of internal rating systems in an easy to understand approach.
A large and continually growing database of municipal entities financials and economic data for the major PF segments. Ability to tap into a detailed source of PF credit risk data and generate automated scores in key segments.

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*Data as of August 2020.

**As of February 2021.