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U.S. Public Finance on RatingsDirect®

Today’s municipal market is increasingly complex and challenging. Whether you are an issuer, intermediary, or investor, our research provides in-depth market knowledge and forward-looking analyses. With RatingsDirect® support, you can enhance your decision-making with actionable data, insights, and analytics based on S&P Global Ratings' extensive credit ratings and research.

You can now view all U.S. Public Finance securities for a given USPF entity on the Securities Summary page. This page includes filter options, along with revenue source hierarchy and ratings.

In addition, you can view the Security Detail page for individual securities, focusing on the Obligor for the maturity and now including new reason codes for non-rated securities. All of this and more is available on the new RatingsDirect on S&P Capital IQ Pro.


An Enhanced Experience with Expanded Coverage

Comprehensive S&P Global Ratings US Public Finance rating coverage includes Education, Healthcare, Housing, Local Government, Not-for-Profit, Pooled, Public Power, States, Transportation, and Water & Sewer. RatingsDirect's navigation and design are now tailored to municipal workflows, with a focus on Revenue Source search and a view of the revenue-source rating and rating history.

RatingsDirect on Capital IQ Pro is now available for the US Public Finance sector, providing S&P Global Ratings municipal bond ratings.

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RatingsDirect® is the Solution for Your Municipal Exposures

A comprehensive Sector view quickly allows you to analyze current ratings news and analysis, past rating transition and outlook trends, commentaries, state reviews, ratings rationales, and more. Quickly visualize ratings distribution, ratings migration, or CreditWatch/outlook distribution trends across the United States, a particular region, or across various US State-issued debt.

Monitor changes in bond ratings by CUSIPs or sectors or peers with customized dashboards. RatingsDirect real-time or digest Alert options allow you to receive email updates to easily track issuers and issues of interest.

CreditStats Direct for U.S. Public Finance enhances your analysis with S&P Global Ratings' financial statement data, allowing you to create meaningful peer and period-over-period financial statistics comparisons. Expanded coverage for over eighteen key revenue-source-specific categories.

RatingsDirect Screening provides real-time credit ratings side-by-side with Capital IQ Pro fixed-income data, including terms and conditions, call/put schedule, and price & yield chart. With a comprehensive bond data set, including CreditStats financial characteristics, RatingsDirect on Capital IQ Pro is a one-stop-shop for diving deeper into municipal credit risk.

With RatingsDirect, you can use the Excel Plug-In to pull data efficiently. S&P Global Market Intelligence modeling client service teams will help design the templates or workflows you need to power your analysis.


Understanding the Credit Quality of Your Infrastructure Investments

Proactively Manage Municipal Exposures

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Discover Public Finance tools on RatingsDirect®

See how a large corporation efficiently identifies and monitors creditworthy customers


Learn how a regional bank upgraded its public finance loan review process


Read how this financial institution increased their efficiency using PFAST to manage U.S. municipal exposures


Discover how this investment management firm streamlines municipal surveillance, including climate risk assessment


Discover US Public Finance for S&P Global Ratings on RatingsDirect®


PFAST Coverage

Scorecards for the largest five U.S. Public Finance segments, including: General Obligations, Water & Sewer, Not-for-Profit Higher Education, Not-for-Profit Healthcare, Health Care, and Transportation. These five segments comprise approximately 90% of the U.S. municipal sector.**

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PFAST Scorecard Business Applications

PFAST provides a granular, transparent, and consistent framework for the measurement and assessment of credit risk. It facilitates multiple business applications, including:

  • Loan origination
  • Investment opportunities
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Customer finance
  • Insurance
  • Bond pricing

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Features Benefits
Automated quantitatively derived PFAST Scores for all U.S. cities, counties, school districts, and states. Productivity gains with automated data collection and credit scoring.
The scope of application includes Cities, Counties, School Districts, States, Water and Sewer Utilities, Healthcare, Higher Education, and Transportation. Single-source solution that allows you to score more than 90% of the U.S. municipal market.*
Training and ongoing support from the analytical team. PFAST client training workshops and easy to use Scorecard User Guides help to ensure a successful implementation.
Rigorous, tested and fully documented approach supported by explicit scoring criteria and extensive user and technical documentation. PFAST enhances consistency and transparency of internal rating systems in an easy to understand approach.
A large and continually growing database of municipal entities financials and economic data for the major PF segments. Ability to tap into a detailed source of PF credit risk data and generate automated scores in key segments.

Access essential intelligence when and how you want it.

Data Feed

Xpressfeed™, S&P Global's data feed management solution, paired with our proprietary loader technology, automates the download and management of data packages and enables delivery at any frequency.


Directly access and query S&P Global and select third-party data ― eliminating the data ingestion process and enabling near-infinite scalability for faster queries at lower cost.

API Solutions

Pull just the data you need directly into your systems, portals, and business applications. API Solutions are available for S&P Global datasets.