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Insurance solutions for product managers.

You need data about the products your peers are offering to compete. Access statutory data, rate filings, and product filings through the Market Intelligence platform and build innovative products for you customers that stand out from the crowd.

The insurance market is crowded with products. Get what you need to position your product for success.

Our granular insurance data solution allows you to take a deep dive into the market. Drill down into data categorized by state or line of business so you can better analyze competitor activity. We provide industry specific ratios and metrics, documents, and breaking news coverage of your peers.

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Know more and know it now:

Access essential statutory data, rate filings, and product filings through the Market Intelligence platform.

Power your product management workflow.

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  • Market Intelligence
  • Rate & Product Filings
  • Mapping & Demographics

Access sector-specific data to make decisions with conviction.

The Market Intelligence platform provides sector-specific data broken down by state or line of business, allowing actuaries to have a better view of the factors critical to you. Data-driven, original news content allows you to know what’s happening now. Access to the Market Intelligence platform allows you to:

  • Gain insights into how quickly new companies have moved into states and expanded their new product offerings.
  • Take advantage of news alerts allowing you to stay on top of market developments as they happen.
  • Save time on creating monthly/quarterly reports.

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Your inside look into peer product filings.

Analyze peer product filings that give your company a competitive outlook. Access to peer offerings allows you to reevaluate your strategy and discover new markets to enter. Gain the ability to analyze first movers into a market or line of business.

  • Analyze product filings by state and line of business
  • Gain access to peers’ underwriting manuals and form libraries.

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Discover unidentified opportunities with a bird’s-eye view of your market.

With our business listings, demographic data, and mapping capabilities, we give you the vital tools to discover untapped markets and build out prospect lists. Analyze a location of existing agents or identify opportunities fort new agents. Gain access to this information in one place with the Market Intelligence platform.

  • Identify states and zip codes to promote product offerings
  • Pull contact lists of potential insureds to use in marketing initiatives
  • Easily visualize current placement of agents and identify areas of need.

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