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Insurance solutions for investment managers.

As an investment manager, being one step ahead of the market is critical in generating alpha. Whether you’re analyzing the equity or debt markets, the Market Intelligence platform has the tools you need to stay ahead.

Confident insurance decisions begin with the right information.

Make smarter business decisions with our suite of insurance solutions. Save time updating your current models by collecting inputs all from one place. Our reliable insurance-specific data ensures your models are populated with the most relevant figures. Stay on top of relevant news and research pertaining to the companies and sectors that are most important to you.

Know more, and know it now:

The Market Intelligence platform offer’s the critical insight you need to help generate alpha.

Power your investment management workflow.

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  • Market Intelligence
  • Credit Ratings
  • Quantamental Research

We provide sector-specific data, so you can focus on what matters most.

The Market Intelligence platform provides sector-specific data that allows you to quickly and reliably make investment decisions. Our data is extensively vetted and standardized across countries and industries. Save time populating your existing models or searching for relevant news and research. Access to the Market Intelligence platform allows you to:

  • Set up news alerts for your specific portfolios
  • Quickly populate and update financials models using the Excel Add-in
  • Follow financial performance on non-listed subsidiaries and competitors of covered companies

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Access a one-stop-shop for credit ratings on covered securities and companies.

View ratings information on invested issuers or from those in a watch list. Monitor ratings changes and read reports detailing the rational for the change. Feed our rating data directly into your existing models to monitor risk in automated fashion.

  • Use RatingsDirect®, the official desktop source for S&P Global Ratings, to monitor credit ratings on securities/companies of interest to you
  • Utilize RatingsXpress to feed credit rating data directly into your existing models
  • Gain transparency into ratings viewing and utilize analyst adjusted financials

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Confusion has no place in your quant research.

If your company uses quantitative strategies to identify alpha, S&P Global Market Intelligence has the vital tools you need to enhance your research. Identify potential quant investment strategies by discovering which key performance metrics and ratios have a direct impact on the performance of a stock price.

  • Alpha Factor Library provides alpha generating strategies by leveraging 500+ stock selection and industry-specific signals
  • ClariFI® allows portfolio managers to perform back tests and simulate strategies in a secure hosted or locally installed environment

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Our solution turns data into actionable insight.

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