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I need to integrate ESG

Discover multiple layers of ESG insight with S&P Global ESG Scores, powered by the deep heritage of the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).

Our commitment to Essential ESG Intelligence runs deep

We provide essential ESG data insights that go beyond traditional financial statements to help you get ahead of emerging or underreported sustainability trends and make decisions with conviction. Our ESG solutions inform differentiated sustainability strategies built on comprehensive data sources and a sharp focus on material issues.

Power your investment strategy with S&P Global ESG Scores

We understand growing and evolving needs to integrate ESG data into business strategies and investment decisions. Over the last decade, we have accelerated our expertise.  We are proud to introduce S&P Global ESG Scores, leveraging the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), identified as one of the “highest quality” and most "useful” ESG assessments by sustainability professionals and investors*. Unlock access to our deeply informed S&P Global ESG Scores to power your investment and risk management strategies, enhance your reporting, and more.

* Wong, Christina, et al. Rate the Raters 2019: Expert Survey Results. SustainAbility, an ERM Group company, 2019, pp. 1–39, Rate the Raters 2019: Expert Survey Results and Wong , Christina, and Erika Petry. Rate the Raters 2020: Investor Survey and Interview Results. SustainAbility, an ERM Group company, 2020, pp. 1–54, Rate the Raters 2020: Investor Survey and Interview Results.

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Discover S&P Global ESG Scores

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Multiple layers of ESG insight

Combining comprehensive data sources, sound methodology and a sharp focus on material issues, the SAM CSA assesses a range of ESG factors expected to have an impact on a company’s growth, profitability, capital efficiency and risk exposure in the investment process.

S&P Global ESG Scores provide multiple layers of ESG intelligence with three underlying Environmental, Social, and Governance & Economic Dimension Scores, and an average of 23 Criteria Scores informed by 61 industry specific approaches.­ ­ With coverage of 7,300 companies representing approximately 95% of global market capitalization, the rich layers of S&P Global ESG Scores enable financial institutions and corporations to discover meaningful signals to inform their strategies.

What could you learn from portfolio ESG analytics?

As demand for ESG investing grows, so too does the need for high-quality data insights on portfolio ESG performance – to assist you in optimizing your performance, responding to increasing information requests and achieving best practice ESG reporting standards. Introducing Portfolio ESG Analytics from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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Delivering differentiated ESG data applications

Comprehensive coverage and multiple layers of data insight enables portfolio optimization and capital allocation towards companies with superior ESG performance.

Discover multiple layers of ESG insight

Available via our Flexible Delivery Channels

Gain access to essential ESG intelligence when and how you want. Whether through Xpressfeed™, our powerful data feed solution, or Cloud, we offer distribution channels that seamlessly deliver data straight into your database, dashboards/visualization tools, models and more.

With Xpressfeed, you can tap into over 200 data sets including point-in-time financials, estimates, industry classification, and GICS® — plus Trucost Environmental Data, Panjiva Supply Chain Intelligence, people data, ownership, corporate relationship, key developments, and more.

Through Snowflake, you can directly access and query S&P Global and select third-party data ― eliminating the data ingestion process and significantly improving your productivity and efficiency. Snowflake's unique cloud-based architecture enables near-infinite scalability for faster queries at lower costs.

Accelerate your data integration and analysis with our global Cross Reference Services that seamlessly links reference data or leverage Kensho Link to clean up your disparate data.

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The global pandemic put a spotlight on the value of environmental, social and corporate governance considerations in capital markets.

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Power your investment strategy with S&P Global ESG Scores