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Insurance solutions for actuaries.

Conduct peer analysis and monitor the market with up-to-date metrics and product filings. We provide sector-specific metrics including market share, rate changes, and loss reserve data, so you can be sure your company isn’t lagging behind.

Confusion has no place in your risk analysis.

Our granular insurance data solution allows you to take a deep dive into the markets that matter most to you. Drill into data categorized by state or line of business so you can better analyze competitor activity. Our data provides you with early warning signs for managing pricing and loss reserves.

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Know more and know it now:

Keep up-to-date on your peer analysis and product filing developments with the Market Intelligence platform.

Power your actuarial workflow.

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  • Market Intelligence
  • Rate Filings
  • Credit Analytics

You can’t seize the right actuarial opportunities without the right sector-specific data.

The Market Intelligence platform provides sector-specific allowing actuaries to have a better view of the factors critical to you. Data-driven, original news content allows you to know what’s happening now. Access to the Market Intelligence platform lets you to:

  • Gain insights into peers pricing activity
  • Discover advanced warning signs of adverse developments
  • Save time on creating monthly and quarterly reports

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Your inside look into insurance rate changes.

Analyze peer pricing factors that give your company a competitive outlook. Discover rate changes for both new and existing product offerings and stay up-to-date on the markets that affect your line of business.

  • Analyze data by state and line of business
  • Utilize our RateWatch tool to monitor peer rate change activity
  • Monitor adverse developments

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Risk monitoring, just the way you need it.

In today's complex markets, there are a multitude of factors that can quickly change the credit health of your counterparties and investments–from global slowdowns to supply chain disruptions and new regulations. Your ability to reliably score and efficiently monitor potential risk exposure to the rated and unrated universe needs to not only keep up, but also surpass the pace of change.

  • Manage potential losses by understanding risk
  • Industry standard benchmarking data

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