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27 Sep 2022

Fuel for Thought: Oil market ponders price floor amid demand destruction

Commodities show little sign of shaking the bearish momentum amid a slew of economic warnings across the globe. Whether the market wants to push oil much below $90/b amid potential OPEC output cuts , looming Russian sanctions, and the end of SPR releases is the big question. Demand destruction may be met by supply reduction. Prices are often a matter of perspective


23 Sep 2022

Low carbon still a high priority for metals markets

Few would blame the metals sector if it set aside decarbonization efforts while navigating the impact of geopolitical uncertainty, supply chain disruptions and inflationary concerns that have shaken global commodities markets this year. But the opposite has been true, particularly in Europe. Carbon-accounted metals products continue to be sought after by eco-conscious end-users and consumers alike, and often are commanding price premiums over comparable standard material


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