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Commodity Tracker: 5 charts to watch this week

Key decisions from OPEC+'s first physical meeting since March 2020 as well as the international aviation industry's long-term climate plan are top of mind for S&P Global Commodity Insights editors and analysts this week. Gas flows into Europe, China's power consumption and the UK's net-zero goals are also in focus. 1


03 Oct 2022

Fuel for Thought: North Sea oil drone threat prophesied in the Middle East

North Sea waters have been considered one of the world’s most secure offshore basins for producing crude until now. Equinor, Total Energies and ConocoPhillips have all raised the security level around their facilities in the region after drones were seen near platforms


30 Sep 2022

Green methanol key to energy transition net-zero plans

As more industries begin their energy transition journey, companies are increasingly turning to “green” methanol to help reduce harmful emissions entering the atmosphere through their chemical production process. The majority of world's methanol is currently produced from carbon dioxide coming from gas, and is typically called fossil methanol


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