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11 Aug 2022

Sri Lanka waking up to reality of food shortages after failed organic farming dream

The repercussions of banning chemical fertilizer imports in Sri Lanka with little planning has weighed heavily on the country’s farming industry. Sri Lanka now faces an impending food shortage resulting from reduced domestic production, along with the financial inability to import supply. The plight of agriculture in Sri Lanka started with government’s decision to ban chemical fertilizers in May 2021, which was later revoked in November


Commodity Tracker: 5 chart to watch this week

S&P Global Commodity Insights editors monitor investments in upstream projects and solar power. Price-wise, eyes are on wheat, polyethylene and cobalt this week. 1. High profits, global energy crisis pressure majors to invest more in upstream projects What’s happening? Shell, BP, TotalEnergies, Equinor and Eni announced over $37 billion in Q2 profits as the key Dated Brent oil benchmark neared $140/b in March before settling above the $100/b mark


04 Aug 2022

Insight Conversation: Trent Mell, Electra Battery Materials

Battery metals refining is a part of the battery supply chain that does not get as much attention in the west, with most battery metal refineries located in China. But companies have started venturing into this crucial part of the electric vehicle industry, including Electra Battery Materials in North America


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