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Commodity Tracker: 4 charts to watch this week

This week we kick off with Chinese energy and commodity trends: in power generation, renewable share has grown at the expense of thermal, while steel markets are looking for signs of improving demand. Plus, a look at the pattern of US energy costs and recessions, and California low-carbon power generation. 1


24 Jun 2022

Around the tracks: Vehicle makers stumble over geopolitics, supply chain tangle

Lockdowns to limit the spread of COVID-19 in China, especially in Shanghai, disrupted the supply chains of vehicle makers, who were already dealing with a shortage of semiconductor chips. Market projections became more uncertain after Russia invaded Ukraine , as the latter was a key supplier of wire harnesses for vehicles to several European automakers


22 Jun 2022

Direct-reduced iron becomes steel decarbonization winner

Direct-reduced iron and its more transportable sister hot-briquetted iron have dallied in the wings of mainstream steelmaking as high-quality and low-residual furnace inputs for nearly 60 years. Suddenly the two have swept center stage for holding the key to steel decarbonization


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