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Financial Technology & Banking: Pathways to Convergence

Wednesday, November 3, 2021
90 minutes

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital adoption and forced banks’ to improve their digital offerings to compete with fintechs who have strong backing from the investment community. At the same time, fintechs have recognized that banks have a strategic advantage in operating with low-cost funding and a loyal customer base. Banks are trying to become more like fintechs and fintechs are trying to become more like banks. Are traditional financial services and fintechs on a path to continued convergence?

Join S&P Global Market Intelligence as we review our proprietary research on digital banking, examine recent trends in fintech valuations and deals and discuss how traditional commercial banks are adapting their business models, creating a scenario where the line between banking and fintech could erode.

During this event, we will discuss:

  1. Changes in customer behavior and growing digital adoption
  2. Recent valuations of fintechs; How does the strong investor support allow fintechs to compete with incumbents? What do current valuations of neobank “disruptors” imply about how much market share they could gain?
  3. Recent bank and fintech deals: Could more commercial banks acquire fintechs as they seek to become more efficient amid a challenging revenue environment? Conversely, are more fintechs going to look to acquire banks to gain a banking charter and access low-cost funding?
  4. The growth and evolution of payment companies who are offering more banking services
  5. Unbanked and underbanked segments are often targeted as opportunities for fintechs – what implications could this have on traditional financial services?
  6. What are commercial banks doing to transform their businesses to become more fintech-like? How can traditional banks work with B2B fintechs to become more efficient?
  7. Potential change in regulatory scrutiny toward fintechs
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S&P Global Contributor
Nathan Stovall is the director of the financial institutions research team for S&P Global Market Intelligence, which is responsible for data-driven news and research focused on banks, insurers and fintechs. Full Bio


S&P Global Contributor
Nimayi Dixit is a fintech research analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Jason is the CEO of Alloy Labs, a consortium of community and midsize banks working together to drive innovation, adopt technology and make strategic investments. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Greg Smith is a Managing Director at FT Partners where he leads the Firm’s research efforts. Full Bio

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