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ESG in Insurance Portfolios: Less Talk, More Action

Wednesday, March 31, 2022
60 minutes

The global insurance industry appears to have reached an inflection point on the topic of ESG. In years past, insurance companies have had difficulty measuring the ESG exposure in their portfolios. As the tools and data have improved and as insurance companies incorporate ESG into their investment decisions, the challenges have moved from measuring ESG to implementing ESG. European insurers are generally ahead of American insurers. However, in every region some companies are further along than others. What further challenges lay head for companies who have started to implement ESG? What can insurers early in the process learn from the pioneers?

Join S&P Global Market Intelligence & industry practitioners to explore:

  • How have the tools and data available to insurers evolved to meet more extensive requirements?
  • What are the common challenges for insurers in implementing ESG?
  • For insurers already adopting ESG, how has the journey been so far?
  • What are the trends and challenges that lie ahead?
  • Are American companies too far behind? What are the best practices they can learn from European insurers?
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S&P Global Contributor
Thomas Yagel is the Chief Operating and Product Officer for S&P Global Sustainable1. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Tim identifies, shares, and acts upon the major business trends affecting insurers and their investments across all asset classes. Having regular interaction with insurance industry regulators, rating agencies, and trade organizations, he synthesizes information on capital management, regulatory changes, and (increasingly) ESG and climate implications that drive insurers’ investment behavior and decisions. He also serves as a portfolio manager for bespoke multi-manager investment solutions for insurers. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Mahmoud is a portfolio manager focusing on the management of customized, low turnover and liability-oriented credit portfolios, including managing assets for insurance companies. Full Bio

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