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Artificial intelligence, Datacenters and Energy: Looming crisis or latest craze?

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
On Demand
1 hour

The emergence of artificial intelligence into the mainstream public has exponentially bolstered the demand for computing power harvested by datacenters – an industry already working overtime to keep pace with the growing cloud computing market. How well-equipped is the current infrastructure suited to handle what is coming? Additionally, datacenters are already facing challenges connecting new facilities to the US energy grid. How are utilities, energy providers and developers handling the anticipated electricity demand increases driven by AI datacenters? And where will the power come from?

Join S&P Global analysts for a panel discussion on the current and future state of AI, the datacenter industry and the US energy grid:

  • What is artificial intelligence and how is it different from previous disruptors in the tech industry?
  • How are hyperscalers and datacenter providers adapting to the AI world?
  • Where are these AI datacenters going to be built? And how will they be powered?


S&P Global Contributor
Dan Thompson is a principal research analyst in the 451 Research technology research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Adam Wilson is an analyst with the Regulatory Research team at S&P Global Market Intelligence specializing in U.S. renewable energy policy and analysis. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Melissa Incera is a Research Analyst with 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, covering technology M&A. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Tony Lenoir is an analyst with the S&P Global Commodity Insights Energy Research team. Full Bio


S&P Global Contributor
Sarah has more than a decade of experience writing and editing data-driven, sector-focused content, covering everything from retransmission consent disputes to municipal broadband deployment. She has moderated various panels at industry events like Mobile World Congress and Streaming Media West, and she continues to produce articles around environmental, social and governance issues.

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Access this webinar on demand

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