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Country Risk Insurance Briefing: Global key risks for 2023

Tuesday, 29 November, 2022
Lloyd's of London, The Old Library, 1 Lime St London, EC3M 7HA
1:00pm - 5:30pm GMT

Join S&P Global Market Intelligence on Tuesday, 29 November at Lloyd's of London in the Old Library for a series of country risk presentations and Q&A sessions featuring our forecasts on key violent and political risk issues into 2023 with a focus on potential implications for underwriters.

The agenda for each of the three sessions will evolve according to the latest developments.

Key topics we will address

Session 1: Enhanced security incident metadata

  • How analytics of incident types, actors, actions, objects, and impacts can support more-nuanced risk selection and pricing for terrorism, SRCC, and war risks.
  • The session will include several illustrative case studies, including Latin American civil unrest, topical terrorism issues, and how incident severity metrics from the Ukraine conflict can inform future claims processing.

Session 2: Cost-of-living dynamics as drivers of political and violent risks

  • With inflation rates on the rise globally and cost-of-living increases felt by households and industry, we consider the nexus between global economic shock and the impact on the global security and political risk environment.
  • Including the outlook for disruptive labor strikes and potentially violent social unrest, key upcoming elections and governments at risk will be reviewed.
  • What are the likely impacts on sectors crucial to the global economy and critical supply chains?

Session 3: Maritime risks

  • This session will present key forecasts around political violence risks to maritime assets and operations into 2023.
  • Case studies will include risks to commercial shipping in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, as well as escalation scenarios affecting shipping in the Taiwan Strait.
  • The session will also showcase how specialist data can support underwriters and actuaries to vet customers and forecast potential risks, conduct ship and ownership research, monitor port state control events, identify ownership levels, and monitor ships in high-risk zones.
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  • Lloyd's of London

    The Old Library

    1 Lime St

    London, EC3M 7HA

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