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Path to Net-Zero: Energy Sector

How are energy companies tracking their net-zero emissions goals and tackling climate risks on energy operations? Gain essential sustainability intelligence to quantify net zero baselines, set targets and report your progress for financing ambition.

Path to Net-Zero: How are energy companies tracking?

Europe's major power and gas utilities see renewables and decarbonization as a way out of the dueling energy and climate crises, but Russia's invasion of Ukraine has forced a reevaluation of the role of coal and natural gas across the continent. Meanwhile, the push is on to standardize emissions reporting so investors can more directly compare the emissions reduction programs across oil and gas companies.

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TCFD Alignment and Reporting: Paving the Path Forward to Net Zero

As companies face increasing pressures from investors and regulators to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they often do not know where to begin and how to formulate a plan of action.

Learn how teams can use S&P Global analytics to create a baseline carbon footprint, conduct climate risk and scenario analyses, set targets, and communicate progress. Hear from ESG experts as they discuss organizational motivations and pressures, review case studies, and understand the powerful role reporting data plays on the path to net zero.

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Zero In On Your Net Zero

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  • ESG & Power Sector
  • Integrate Climate Risks in Asset Valuation
  • Integrate ESG Data of Energy Companies
  • Monitor the Pace of Decarbonization
  • Quantify Stranded Assets Costs in the U.S.
  • Stay on top of ESG trends

S&P Capital IQ platform: Quantify the value of energy transition with crtitical ESG intelligence and power sector data

Understand the scale of energy transition by leveraging our extensive financials, comprehensive asset data and vital insights on the global energy sector, covering 4,300+ public and 131,000+ private energy companies worldwide.

Bring physical risk and climate analytics into your energy asset valuation process

  • Account for physical risks in your power plant, pipeline, and other energy infrastructure valuation workflows by leveraging our physical risk scores for flooding, heat, cold and earthquakes, etc.
  • Aggregate individual asset risks to evaluate company-level risk across different energy asset classes.
  • Quantify stranded costs associated with fossil fuel-fired power plants to identify distressed investment opportunities.
  • Track abatement costs associated with fossil fuel-fired assets to better inform asset-investment decisions.
  • Deepen your understanding of how energy regulatory and policy change can impact your ESG investment strategies.

Integrated ESG intelligence starts with the S&P Capital IQ Pro platform

Combining essential ESG data intelligence with financial and industry data, research and news, alongside vivid data visualization and analytical features, the S&P Capital IQ Pro platform provides integrated insights to get ahead in the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and equitable future.


Clean energy will power the markets of the future. Identify the opportunities in the present.

  • Track new developments of power projects globally to understand the current fleet dynamics and identify the pace of fossil replacement with renewables power plants.
  • Drill down into our asset level details covering operations, project, technology, capacity, power plant units, locations and ownership information to further evaluate investment opportunities.

Identify stranded asset transition risk in the U.S. power sector.

  • Forecast fossil fuel-fired plant retirements using our operational and financial data like emissions, emissions costs, power generation, and O&M costs.
  • Track and map coal and gas plant retirements, retrofitting activity, and fuel deliveries to understand the pace of decarbonization.
  • Use our Power Forecast to evaluate the expected EBITDA revenue of fossil and renewable power plants over the next two years. Gain vital insights into the potential profitability and asset level carbon earning risks that companies may have with specific power assets to meet net-zero commitments.
  • Monitor new regulations and State PUC policies driving emissions reduction and understand how renewable standards can impact the rate base and influence the cost of operating fossil fuel plants.

Gain vital insights into the latest ESG developments in the energy sector.

  • Gain access to critical news, insights, trends and commentary into ESG developments that are driving change across business decisions.
  • Utilize RatingsDirect®, the official source for S&P Global Ratings’ credit ratings and research to analyze how ESG affects the credit performance and trends across industries and companies around the world.

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Case Study: An Oil and Gas Company Plans for Net Zero

This medium-sized oil and gas trading company located in Europe was inspired by the transformation they saw taking shape across their wider industry. A cross-company team came together in order to analyze and manage the risks and opportunities associated with a transition to net zero, and show the company's stakeholders that action was being taken.

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