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Get the essential data, tools and powerful insights you need to stay ahead of the latest market trends, drive business development and achieve growth for your organization across business functions.

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  • Follow Competitors and Evolving Markets
  • Generate Ideas and Opportunities
  • Zero-In on Potential Deals
  • Power Your Presentations & Data
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You can’t seize the right opportunities without the right intelligence.

Your corporate development team needs to pin-point the right information at the right time. It can mean the difference between inking a deal or missing an opportunity. Our Watch Lists help you take the pulse of companies, regional economies, and sectors. With access to insights on evolving markets, including private company data, transactions, corporate actions, product announcements, and M&A analysis, you can examine deal activity, private placements, and equity and debt offerings, along with global transaction data.

  • Monitor companies, markets, and M&A trends to gain a competitive edge.
  • Access market-moving news, including private company transactions, corporate actions, product announcements, and M&A reports.
  • Examine recent M&A deals or easily research opportunities in your market.


You can’t seize the right opportunities without the right intelligence.

Pivot into new strategic markets with detailed research and gain new perspectives through our thought leadershipblogs, and webinars hosted by industry leaders. By using our customizable Excel Add-In to dynamically benchmark industry segments, financial metrics, and growth estimates you are able to screen information against our global public and private company database for new and existing industry players.

  • Screen against our global public and private company database of 16M+ global companies for new and existing industry players.
  • Pivot into new strategic markets with detailed analysis and new perspectives from our research, blogs, and webinars hosted by industry leaders.
  • Utilize essential data tools and templates paired with deep and broad global financial intelligence for ideation and improved efficiency.


You can’t seize the right opportunities without the right intelligence.

Our comprehensive data and powerful screening capabilities  help you access the insights you need to achieve company growth and strategic objectives. 

  • Access automated comparable company lists, revenue growth, and financial metrics.
  • Research corporate structures and key professionals at companies, banks, and private equity firms, then reach out using our contact details.


You can’t seize the right opportunities without the right intelligence.

Build and customize models to suit your business needs with powerful tools for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint—all at your fingertips. The proprietary Market Intelligence Office tool generates customized reports on lists of companies and save templates for continuous ease of use.


  • Monitor Mining Project Pipelines
  • Identify Power Plants New Build Projects
  • Get Leads from the Supply Chain Network
  • Take Advantage of Salesforce App
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Dive into our granular data to identify high-growth opportunities.

Whether you are a service provider or equipment supplier to the mining industry, it is essential to evaluate opportunities accurately and timely. S&P Global Market Intelligence provides deep mining sector expertise, original reporting and vital mining data you need to intelligently pursue business growth.

  • Screen our mining asset level data (such as geography, commodity, developmental stage, activity status, mine type, mining and processing method) to generate a pipeline of quality mining projects for market sizing.
  • Make well-informed sales and business development strategies with historical or forecast mining capital expenditure estimates to identify regions and commodities which mining companies are planning to invest in.
  • Monitor exploration activities and understand global exploration budget trends to identify new projects and potential areas of growth.
  • Gain insights into supply trends to identify potential mine expansion or evaluate supply side risk (such as COVID-19 or extreme weather events) to mine output with our metal markets analysis.
  • Leverage our Mine Economics datasets to identify potential projects by examining detailed data on mine level production, costs and cash flows. Understand the cost-competitiveness of targeted mines and evaluate the impact of technology investment on asset value to the mine operator. You can also incorporate additional data series such as All-in Costs, All-in Sustaining Costs, Total Cash Margins and other metrics for deeper analysis.
  • Conduct strategic due diligence on the asset owner by assessing in-depth corporate profiles, financial data, cash flow analysis and cost curves of targeted mines.



Identify Power Plants New Build Projects

As energy companies shift their operations to achieve low-carbon emissions, how do you identify business opportunities in the renewable energy sector?  Our global power sector coverage provides in-depth power plant and projects data and comprehensive insights to help you stay ahead of business opportunities for your products and services.

Analyze power plant capacity by owner to:

  • Analyze historical and current capacity by owners to assess the progress of energy transition in their power footprint.
  • Identify the largest owners of renewable capacity by country across the U.S. and select countries in Europe for potential ESG synergies and strategic partnerships.
  • Track yearly changes in capacity by owner possibly due to retirements, M&A activity, or capacity additions.

Identify the development status of power plant (units) projects:

  • Screen for early stage power projects across the US and select countries in Europe to evaluate equipment and services compatibility with project design for prospecting.
  • Utilize unit level attributes to project upcoming capacity additions by country and region for generation planning and strategy.

Gain vital insights into the U.S. utilities and power sector:

  • Understand the outlook of U.S power markets with our 20-year power price forecasts to identify areas of growth for new power plants or projects.
  • Obtain analysis on energy regulatory and policies, capital expenditure estimates of utilities and renewable developments to anticipate market trends that can impact on your business.



Generate high quality leads with insights from the world’s supply chain

Leverage our supply chain intelligence, Panjiva to improve business performance and reduce the cost of prospecting potential clients. The Panjiva platform enables the business development team to:

  • Find prospects active in a certain region, industry, or product category and vet a shortlist of prospects with the strongest supply chain activity.
  • Identify new sales prospects by analyzing competitors’ activities.
  • Review competitors’ trends to expand existing customer relationships or market share.
  • Leverage Panjiva’s research and macro trade flows to identify potential high-growth industries.
  • Investigate market trends across product, geography, and trade lanes.
  • Calculate how changes in trade policy may impact individual firms or economies as a whole.



Cleanse, enrich, and transform your data with the Salesforce App from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Know your prospects and customers better by marrying your data with vital insight from S&P Global Market Intelligence. Enrich accounts with datasets highlighting company profiles, key developments, financials, people and organizational relationships. Use powerful search capabilities to capture business descriptions, contact information, and 5 years of financials without ever leaving Salesforce.


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Case Study: Mining Equipment Supplier

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  • Supply chain intelligence
  • Sourcing
  • Find reliable business partners
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Gain unrivaled insights into global supply chain operations and trade activity.

Our Panjiva supply chain intelligence platform helps sourcing professionals find and vet suppliers around the world by using shipment level trade data. Our platform covers over one billion transaction records, 13 million company-to-company relationships, and nine million companies are profiled globally, from private small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large public corporations.


Identify suppliers around the world that are selling / exporting specific products and/or commodities to the markets that matter to your business. You can search for suppliers by city, product, port or shipment volume to meet your sourcing requirements. Gain a wider view on market trends by product, HS code, activity level and more, to deepen your supply chain analysis.

Find reliable business partners

Obtain details on firms’ counterparty and geographic exposures to estimate susceptibility to certain events or trade tariffs. Gain strategic insights on the overlap in geographic or counterparty exposures across a portfolio of clients. Monitor the export volume of a potential new supplier or track your current suppliers to make sure they stay in compliance with any exclusivity agreements.


  • Monitor Your Counterparties
  • Understand Exposure
  • Detect Risk
  • Market Developments
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Assess the creditworthiness of your counterparty. Stay ahead of evolving macroeconomic and credit trends

Your ability to accurately score and efficiently monitor companies and banks that engage with your business is important. Our solutions can streamline the assessment of your counterparties by providing a consolidated view of credit, market and financial information effortlessly.

  • Create a targeted list of private and public companies by screening our database on quantitative and qualitative factors— including industry, financials, credit quality and location
  • Narrow the list of companies by comparing relative stock performance, price, earnings, broker consensus forecasts, ratings, and credit risk indicators for rated and unrated companies
  • Look at tearsheets to understand a firm’s capital structure, drivers of performance and credit risk profile
  • Analyze the credit quality of a company compared to a broad set of its peers using pre-calculated credit risk measures for easy cross-firm comparisons

Assess the creditworthiness of your counterparty. Stay ahead of evolving macroeconomic and credit trends

Assessing a company’s credit risk can be challenging and time consuming due to differing filing obligations, and inconsistent timeliness, availability and quality of data. Our Credit Analytics solution blends cutting-edge models with robust data to help you reliably assess the credit risk of rated and unrated, public and private companies across the globe.

  • Get a detailed picture of a company’s credit risk with RiskGauge Reports from S&P Global Market Intelligence. These comprehensive credit reports, applicable for over 50 million public and private companies worldwide−including small- and medium-enterprises (SMEs), are powered by dynamic analytical models and robust data
  • Access detailed credit ratings and research from S&P Global Ratings with RatingsDirect®, including credit-adjusted financial statement data and key ratios for rated corporates and banks
  • Compare standardized private company financials and your own proprietary financials with S&P Capital IQ financial data on the platform
  • Understand the creditworthiness of unrated companies through global probability of default and credit scoring models that account for financial and business risk, plus the ability to compare to their rated peers
  • Utilize credit benchmarks to compare your counterparty relative to country, sector and index peers
  • Review hierarchies of related corporate entities to fully understand the corporate tree, customers, suppliers, ownership and potential vulnerabilities in the case of a negative event

Assess the creditworthiness of your counterparty. Stay ahead of evolving macroeconomic and credit trends

Efficient surveillance goes beyond quantitative analysis. As market conditions continue to evolve rapidly in today’s uncertainty, how can you detect and flag early-warning signals from a potential counterparty to minimize financial losses?

  • Get early-warning signals of a potential company default with daily credit risk indicators, including equity price-based Market Signal probability of default and credit default swap-based Market Derived Signals
  • Build targeted email alerts for companies of interest to deliver breaking news, key developments, and rating and credit risk indicator changes, plus reorganizations, management changes, new financings and bankruptcies to your inbox
  • Utilize the Excel Add-In to combine fundamental data, ratings and quantitative credit risk measures in one application, and set custom thresholds to identify companies that meet certain criteria

Assess the creditworthiness of your counterparty. Stay ahead of evolving macroeconomic and credit trends

Bring financial and market data directly to you as it happens with RatingsDirect Monitor. Identify investment risks and opportunities by syncing with your portfolio watchlist, to bring timely and reliable data, cutting edge visualizations, and credit ratings and research. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Stay current on important market conditions with breaking news, the top stories of the day, and the latest sector highlights
  • Access news from thousands of global sources on hundreds of categories, including M&A reports
  • Follow the industries affecting your business with snapshot views, including real-time data on key developments, events, and filings
  • Receive email alerts to stay abreast of news of your watchlist, sector or new investment research reports

  • Manage climate change
  • Align with TCFD recommendations
  • Integrate ESG score
  • Maximize positive impact
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Turn climate risk into climate opportunity

To get ahead in the low carbon transition, corporations must factor a complex interplay of physical and transition risks and opportunities in decision making. With a comprehensive lens on physical, transition and reputational climate risks, our Essential Climate Analytics and reporting services provide the climate intelligence you need to inform resilience and capture new opportunities created by the low carbon transition.

With our Essential Climate Analytics, you can:

  • Inform next generation climate reporting
  • Manage asset-level climate risk to company operations
  • Develop climate optimized supply chains and product portfolios
  • Align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals



Uncover your exposure to climate risk and capture mission critical insights to inform your strategy.

The TCFD recommendations provide guidance to all market participants on the disclosure of information on the financial implications of climate-related risks and opportunities so that they can be integrated into business and investment decisions. Our Trucost climate analytics and specialist support services inform every step of the TCFD reporting journey, from quantifying climate-related financial risks and opportunities to engaging with business stakeholders to turn metrics into action.


Power your investment strategy with S&P Global ESG Scores

Combining comprehensive data sources, sound methodology and a sharp focus on material issues, the SAM CSA assesses a range of ESG factors expected to have an impact on a company’s growth, profitability, capital efficiency and risk exposure in the investment process.

S&P Global ESG Scores provide multiple layers of ESG intelligence with three underlying Environmental, Social, and Governance & Economic Dimension Scores, and an average of 23 Criteria Scores informed by 61 industry specific approaches. With coverage of 7,300 companies representing approximately 95% of global market capitalization, the rich layers of S&P Global ESG Scores enable financial institutions and corporations to discover meaningful signals to inform their strategies.


Critical insights to maximize the positive impact of corporations.

A complex web of frameworks and regulatory incentives are emerging to drive the transition to an equitable, sustainable future while delivering economic growth. Our essential positive impact analytics provide the clarity you need to accelerate your alignment with global sustainability goals and maximize the positive impact of your decisions.

Trucost’s SDG Evaluation Tool provides a quantitative analysis of SDG performance across the entire value chain, from raw material inputs to product use and disposal, within the context of a company’s geographic operations, providing comprehensive insight to maximize the positive impact of business strategies.

With our Essential Positive Impact Analytics, you can:

  • Determine which SDGs are relevant to business operations, supply chains and products
  • Identify opportunities to create business value from SDGs
  • Prioritize investment in SDGs where it matters most
  • Report progress on business alignment with SDGs in a way that is holistic and robust



Data Management Solutions

Explore our essential data and tools for Industrials

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