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At S&P Global, we can’t change the world overnight. But we can take action to affect change.


A statement from S&P Global President and CEO Doug Peterson

Like many of you, last week I witnessed on television, the horrific death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I felt a sense of disgust, anger, sadness and futility. I never imagined it would turn into a national crisis of historic proportions. But, as I’ve listened to my friends and colleagues, I understand why.

Since last week when I shared my initial thoughts about this, I have been listening to our Black employees about their individual experiences and emotions and what it means for them and our company following a string of violent acts against Black Americans. They are frustrated, scared, hurt and exhausted. This is not simply about the last few weeks or months. I hadn’t fully understood the depth of pervasive racism. I remember Rodney King in 1991. I had many of the same conversations with the same raw emotions back then. It’s been almost 30 years and sadly, we haven’t made much progress.

At S&P Global, we can’t change the world overnight. But we can take action to affect change. We have no tolerance for racism or discrimination of any sort. We put our people first and we live and demonstrate our core values. And we will find new ways to accelerate progress – starting now.

We are taking the following actions immediately:

  • Lead, with my leadership team, courageous conversations with employees to develop greater understanding;
  • Triple the number of full-time people devoted to accelerating Diversity & Inclusion;
  • Double our financial investments in D&I initiatives and ERGs;
  • Expand existing inclusion training globally to address bias and micro-aggressions; and,
  • Contribute USD $1M via the S&P Global Foundation to non-profit organizations that support equity and racial justice.

Each of us can do more and we can all learn more. Please reach out, share your views, and help us find new ways to move forward together.