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S&P Global Market Intelligence

Leon Sinclair

Global Head, Private Equity & Debt Services

Leon Sinclair Global Head of S&P Global Market Intelligence Private Equity & Debt Services, specializing in valuations, risk, technology and advisory.

Leon is responsible for all parts of our practice from new product development, strategy, delivery and client engagement. He has been cited by several journals and media publications on topics ranging from regulation, accounting standards and AIFMD to, liquidity measurement and valuation best practice. Before moving into alternative asset classes, he held various product management roles in S&P Global's core fixed income services and has sat on various industry working groups focused on improvement of financial infrastructure, governance, investor protection and transparency. Prior to joining the company in 2010, Leon spent four years in various roles at ICE, latterly leading methodologies for European financial institutions and hybrid instruments.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from Loughborough University in the UK and is a certified investment manager.