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Robert Labrum

Manager, EMEA Subsurface Content Operations

Robert Labrum manages the EMEA Subsurface Content as part of Global Geological and Interpretive Content team.

Robert has over 20 years' experience in working with well data. He joined Petroleum Information (acquired by S&P Global in 1998) in 1996, initially working in the logs team capturing log header data and digitizing log curves. By 1997 he'd moved into the Well Attributes team, specializing in core analysis, formation tops, deviation survey, and checkshot survey data for UK wells. Robert began working with the pressure team in 1999, initially preparing well data for technical pressure reports, but taking the lead in building a dedicated pressure database on relocation to the S&P Global Tetbury office in 2000. Robert continued to develop the pressure database, increasing coverage across the globe, until 2017 when he took over the management of the EMEA Subsurface Content team. Robert holds a BSc in Geology from Kingston University in the UK.