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S&P Global Mobility

Amod Kumar, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Electrification Technology Research

Amod is currently the Associate Director of Electrification Technology Research at S&P Global Mobility, where he leads the company’s North American research, technology and component forecasting efforts for Battery, Charging, Propulsion and Thermal domains.

Over the past decade, Amod has accumulated a wealth of expertise in the automotive industry. His tenure at General Motors, Nissan, and Plug Power has encompassed a diverse array of roles. These roles have involved extensive collaboration with cross-functional teams to design high-voltage battery packs for electric vehicles, engagement in cutting-edge research and development in battery cell technology and fuel cells, and the development of enterprise-level analytical tools.

Amod has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and holds a certification in Systems Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has completed a program on the fundamentals of business from Harvard Business School.