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S&P Global Market Intelligence

Mark Klein

Executive Director, Product Lead – ETF Management, ETF and Benchmarking Solutions

Mark Klein is the lead product manager, globally responsible for the ETF Solutions product offering at S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Mark's role focuses on defining both the long and short term strategy of the product, which targets both buyside and sellside firms seeking data and analytics related to ETF composition baskets. It is Mark's responsibility to plan and execute the product roadmap for the ETF Solutions offering.

Prior to this, Mark spent the last 11 years working with the Securities Finance business at S&P Global Market Intelligence. In his previous role, he was globally responsible for the Securities Finance buyside short interest product offering, as well as strategic alliances for the wider Securities Finance business. Originally serving as a Product Specialist for both Buyside and Sellside clients in London, Mark transferred to IHS Markit, now a part of S&P Global's New York office in 2015.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Management from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.