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S&P Global Commodity Insights

Asad Ali Khan

Executive Director, Global Refining Optimization & RCMA

Asad Khan, a seasoned professional with 19 years of expertise in the Global Oil Downstream Industry, has navigated a transformative journey at FCRS. Initially contributing to the Refinery Cost and Margin Analytics (RCMA) product, he now holds the position of Global Executive Director, propelling RCMA towards a projected $10 million business . As a highly skilled Chemical Engineer with an MBA in Finance, Asad's technical and oil refining acumen has been instrumental in crafting sophisticated refinery optimization and decarbonization models, culminating in the development of a groundbreaking cloud-based RCMA and Bio-RCMA platform. In his prior role before S&P Global, Asad worked as a senior consultant for oil refineries, where he conducted assessments of a number of refineries in North America and identified more than USD 150 Million annualized potential optimization opportunities and successfully had them implemented without any capital investments.

His strategic vision, technical leadership, and collaborative approach have not only driven substantial revenue growth but also positioned RCMA as a cutting-edge global asset analytics solution in the industry. Asad holds an MBA in Finance, a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and specialization in Linear Programming.