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The world looks to us for the essential view on credit risk. With RatingsDirect, we deliver.

As the official source for S&P Global Ratings’ credit ratings and research, RatingsDirect combines this essential intelligence with comprehensive market data, credit risk indicators and dynamic visualization tools, all on a single platform.

Our powerful web-based solution provides the following from S&P Global Ratings: – Global, national and regional scale credit ratings on issuer and issue level – Detailed research on issuer and issue level, economies, credit trends, hot topics (including Environmental, Social, and Governance [ESG]) and special reports – Credit research in local languages (Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish) – Credit adjusted Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows

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Analyze credit performance and trends across industries, companies, and securities around the world.

With RatingsDirect, you can access ratings directly on your desktop. Get the essential ratings intelligence you need delivered straight to you.

  • RatingsDirect® is the official desktop source for S&P Global Ratings.

  • Aggregated Intelligence

    20+ years of ratings history spanning: 9,400+ issuer ratings, 74,000+ securities across the globe, 16,200+ structured finance deals, 712,000+ US public finance maturities, 936,000+ research articles. As of January 1, 2021.

  • Credit-adjusted financials

    Access analyst adjusted financial statements for 960+ global banks, 2,700+ corporates, and 11,300 U.S. municipals. As of October 21, 2020.

  • Structured Finance Securities

    Get the latest global structured finance research, industry news, and sector trends.

  • U.S. Public Finance

    Access insights on credit quality of debt securities issued by state & local governments.

Best Market Surveillance Provider 2019

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RatingsDirect Monitor. Your ratings world, simplified.

Financial and market data as it happens.

600+ global banks, 2800+ corporations and utilities rated by S&P Global Ratings.

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RatingsDirect combines S&P Global Ratings’ credit ratings and research with comprehensive market data, credit risk indicators, and dynamic visualization tools on a single platform.