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Excellence requires more than a sharp mind. In today's competitive world of academia, excellence requires access to respected, comprehensive data. We not only provide that data, but our tools make you smarter with every click.

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Whether your need is curriculum-based, project-oriented, or research-focused, we have a solution.

Data is playing a new role in academic prestige. Researchers need access to gold-standard data that not only elevates research, but also attracts new faculty, maintains competitive edge, and enhances reputation.

Compustat® Fundamentals
They can challenge your thesis, but not your data. Fortify your research with a time-tested database of financial, statistical, and market information on active and inactive companies worldwide.

S&P Capital IQ Financials
Combine quantitative and qualitative data for a 360° view of company performance over time. Leverage the same resources used by Wall Street professionals for information that is fully transparent and standardized.

SNL Industry Specific Data
Dive deep into our sector intelligence on industries essential to the global economy. Conduct relevant analysis using industry-specific metrics and tools that go deeper than generalist data allows.

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Whether your need is curriculum-based, project-oriented, or research-focused, we have a solution.

With the S&P Capital IQ platform, the classroom becomes more than a place for learning investment theory. It becomes a place where new ideas are tested against real-world scenarios and students gain the confidence to navigate the financial sector with the same tools used by Wall Street.

• Incorporate experiential learning into your business program with research and analytical tools for the classroom, finance lab, student investment fund, investment and research competition, and more
• Understand the story behind the numbers with extensive public and private company financials, with source documentation for deeper analysis and verification
• Monitor the impact of news and events on market prices with key developments, regulatory filings, and transcripts
• Easily populate and chart data in spreadsheets and other Microsoft products, with the integrated ability to explore real-world models

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Whether your need is curriculum-based, project-oriented, or research-focused, we have a solution.

Digital research tools are no longer on the cutting edge—they are the status quo. This means that librarians are not only the gatekeepers of a comprehensive reference catalog, but the facilitators of modern, real-time research.

Our easy-to-use data, research, and analytics tools allow you to strengthen your resources and meet the various needs of your staff, faculty, and student stakeholders. Plus, we have different access methods depending on your requirements and usage reports to evaluate value to budget.

From the S&P Capital IQ platform to Compustat® fundamental data to SNL industry insights, we have the tools you need to support your institution’s academic pursuits in the digital age.

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Whether your need is curriculum-based, project-oriented, or research-focused, we have a solution.

Through existing partnerships with academic institutions around the globe, it's likely you already have access to our resources. Please contact your professors, library, or administrative staff to receive your student login. While we are unable to offer free trials or product demonstrations directly to students.

If you discover that our essential solutions are not available to you, we encourage you to advocate at your university for a best-in-class learning experience that will help you long after you've completed your degree.

Use the same tools as professionals on Wall Street, Fortune 500 companies, governments and regulatory agencies, and more to not only prepare for a career, but help you break into a job once you've earned your degree.

Broaden Career Opportunities
Screen for career opportunities using both quantitative and qualitative information to locate companies and people in your chosen field. Our save-search functionality and custom alerts keep you informed when a company is added or removed.

Understand company-to-company and person-to-person relationships based on events, transactions, and affiliations. Stay on top of networking opportunities with potential employers, university affiliations, board members, and fellow professionals.

Strengthen Your Resume
List proficiency in our tools to demonstrate expertise in financial analysis and research. Our platforms are used daily on Wall Street and beyond to make investment decisions, monitor the market, and grow businesses.

Define your credibility with Compustat® fundamental data.

See the data details

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  • Compustat® Fundamentals
  • SNL Financial Institutions Data
  • Credit Ratings
  • Transactions Data
  • Professionals and Compensation
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We partner with Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) to deliver our essential data on a simple platform.

North American Fundamentals

  • Fundamental and market data on 35,000+ active and inactive public companies that trade on a U.S. or Canadian exchange, with 5,000+ data items
  • Annual data as early as 1950, quarterly as early as 1962, and daily pricing data from 1984
  • Segment history data as far back as 1976

Global Fundamentals

  • Fundamental and market data on 50,000+ active and inactive companies
  • Annual data as early as 1987, quarterly as early as 2004, daily pricing data from 1986, and monthly pricing data available for up to 20 years prior


  • Compustat North America preliminary and final data for annual, quarterly, and year-to-date periods—with the ability to identify what item values have changed and when
  • Point-in-time fundamental data as early as 1986
  • Annual data as early as 1970 and quarterly data as early as 1978

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We partner with Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) to deliver our essential data on a simple platform.

Over 1,400 balance sheet, income statement, and detailed industry data points on banks, financial services, and insurance companies with history from 1990 for US, 2003 for APAC, and 2005 for EMEA.

  • 9,500+ operating and 5,000+ historical banks and subsidiaries
  • 1,200+ operating and 500+ historical insurance companies and subsidiaries

Bank Regulatory

  • 13,000+ data items from regulatory filings for US, Mexican, and Columbian banks with history from 1990
  • Granular regulatory financial data for 16,000+ operating and 45,000+ historical holding companies, subsidiary banks, and credit unions

Insurance Statutory

  • Regulatory filings data from 4,000+ operating and 2,800+ historical US Statutory entities across P&C, life, and managed care sectors
  • Data items on core financials, reinsurance transactions, reserving, and investment details
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We partner with Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) to deliver our essential data on a simple platform.

Credit Ratings

  • 9,000 global issuers including corporates, financial institutions, and insurance companies
  • 600 sovereign, international public finance, and government entities
  • 11,000 structured finance transactions—including asset-backed, commercial mortgage-backed and residential mortgage-backed securities, and collateralized debt obligations
  • Historical data for global issuers and structured finance data is available back to 1922; public finance data is available back to 2007
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We partner with Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) to deliver our essential data on a simple platform.

Transactions Data

  • 2.1 million+ M&A, rounds of funding, bankruptcy, IPO, and other capital markets transactions
  • US coverage from 1998, non-US coverage from 2001—with the ability to follow detailed deal life cycles including status, features, conditions, buyer, seller, and more.
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We partner with Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) to deliver our essential data on a simple platform.

People Data

  • Profiles for 7.3 million+ public and private professionals, including 2.6 million+ board members and 4.7 million+ executives globally


  • Annual compensation data from 1992 on the top five executive officers, including 850 K + executives and 250+ data types including salary, bonus, directors fees, and stock options
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  • Academic Resource Center
  • RateWatch Scholar
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Confident decisions begin with the right information.

Access essential intelligence used in global financial markets. Enhance your curriculum with S&P Global Market Intelligence tools, data, and research to help students gain experiential learning with in-depth course videos, work-flow based videos, educational video modules, and much more!

Curriculum Video Modules
Template courses on Capital IQ for the classroom

Skill Assessments
Quizzes to test students’ knowledge of our platforms

Student Development
Training tools to give students a competitive edge

Training Videos
Short work-flow based videos to get the most out of our platforms

An essential source for interest rate data and analytics.

Your go-to-source for an essential, comprehensive database that provides: provides historical interest rate and fee data to power research insights in the fields of economics, business, finance, and more.

Extensive product coverage.
We monitor hundreds of deposit and loan products for rates, fees, and account details at financial institutions across the United States, covering:

Maximize your outputs.
For sorting, linking, and segmenting, our data outputs include:

Quality, consistent, standardized.

You require quality data. With our partners, we deliver.

Find your solution.

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