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Quality is more than our business. It's our passion.

Tell us when we’ve missed the mark.

If you find a qualifying data omission or discrepancy in our corporate, market, or financial information, we want to be the first to know about it. We run over 145,000 automated data quality checks, and content is reviewed multiple times before publishing. But if something seems off in our data, please let us know. You may even earn a $50 reward.

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The Quality Program, from start to finish.

We make it easy to identify, submit, and correct mistakes or omissions in our data. Here's how you could earn a $50 reward for a verified mistake or omission in our data.

We pursue quality in everything we do. Our goal: to produce and deliver data that you can count on 100%. The result? We’ve made a commitment to keep improving every day. That’s why we created the Quality Program.

Your step-by-step guide to the Quality Program:

You play a vital role in ensuring the data we provide is of the highest quality. We want to hear your experience.

  • Quality Issues
  • Regulated Content
  • How to Report

What qualifies as a verified mistake or omission?

A data quality issue is public company data or proprietary data that is incomplete, has not been updated within our standard timelines, contains textual errors or typos resulting in incorrect content, or contains inaccurate numbers in financial fields or ratios.

What qualifies as a verified mistake or omission?

The Quality Program does not cover regulated content (including RatingsDirect®), non-public information, or private company data in the S&P Capital IQ platform.

Examples of regulated content include:

  • All credit ratings provided by a credit ratings agency such as Moody’s, Fitch, and S&P Global Ratings
  • S&P Global Ratings research, ratings, and criteria
  • Products that use regulated content, such as credit analytics models that produce scores derived from S&P Global Ratings content.

What qualifies as a verified mistake or omission?

To report a data discrepancy and participate in our Quality Program, clients can contact our support teams at support.mi@spglobal.com or clientsupport@capitaliq.com. You can find complete details of coverage within the Market Intelligence platform or the S&P Capital IQ platform.

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