As insurers consider how to maximize yields while minimizing risk in today’s uncertain markets, we offer insight into how ETFs are being used in general accounts, as well as trending topics in the industry.

Research on ETFs in Insurance General Accounts

Learn about recent trends insurance companies are implementing ETF strategies within their general accounts portfolios.
  • InsuranceTalks: How Do Insurance Companies Use Fixed Income ETFs?

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  • S&P Global Market Intelligence Webinar: ETFs in Insurance General Accounts

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  • Insurance AUM Journal Webinar: How Are Insurers Using ETFs?

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Investment Strategy Research & Insights for Insurers

Explore new solutions available to insurers.
  • InsuranceTalks: Why Insurers Are Increasingly Considering Infrastructure Investments as Core

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  • FAQ: S&P Solvency II Capital Efficiency Corporate Bond Index

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  • S&P Global Ratings on How ETFs Contributed To Liquidity And Price Discovery In The Recent Market Dislocation

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  • A Survey of Mexican Insurance Investment Officers

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