As defined contribution plans’ role in retirement investing grows, more and more participants are looking to their plans for index-based solutions. S&P DJI offers a range of indices designed to help plan sponsors provide straightforward and effective passive solutions that address the varied needs of their plan participants.

Our Services

Index Data

Access data on thousands of indices at various levels of sophistication and complexity. Our packages are designed for a variety of applications, including

  • Benchmarking

  • Monitoring manager performance

  • In-house asset management

  • Passive replication

You can access our index, constituent, and corporate-action level data through multiple data delivery platforms, including leading third-party providers.

Custom Index Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions that allow you to fine-tune or custom-design an index to meet your specific mandate.

  • Custom Slice and Dice: Tailor an S&P DJI index by filtering for region, size or sector; excluding individual stocks or sectors; applying social or religious screens; or adopting alternate weighting methods.

  • Custom Hybrid: Apply your methodology to an S&P DJI index or universe, or use our index levels as inputs.

  • Custom White Label: Create a wholly proprietary index based on your methodology.

Why S&P DJI?

  • Broad Market Coverage

    We cover every major asset class and segment our broad benchmarks to enable consistent tracking across countries, regions, sectors, and size segments.

  • Independence

    We avoid conflicts of interest in benchmark determinations and adhere to IOSCO Principles on Financial Benchmarks.

  • Transparency

    Our policies, procedures, and index methodologies are readily available on our public website.

  • Sophisticated Methodologies

    Our advanced approaches are backed by academic research and our deep market knowledge.

  • Wide Recognition

    Our name is recognized and trusted for our long legacy of reliably measuring the markets.

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Your Gateway to Index Data


Through our SPICE data delivery platform, institutions who subscribe to our data can access:

  • Intraday alerts on time-sensitive, market-moving U.S. index events.
  • Index snapshots including returns, sector allocations, fundamentals, and more.
  • Easy-to-access performance comparisons.
  • Downloadable daily historical data, customized based on your parameters.
  • Access ESG scores on over 11,000 companies globally.


Additional Resources

Index data and research to help you evaluate both active and passive investment solutions.
  • Research

    Access original research on market behavior, trends, and strategic index applications.

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  • Market Dashboards

    Download monthly performance snapshots of global markets and asset classes.

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  • SPIVA®

    Find out how active managers are performing against their benchmarks around the world over the long and short term.

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