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As the world’s leading resource for benchmarks and investable indices, our solutions are widely considered indispensable in tracking market performance, evaluating portfolios, and developing investment strategies.
Years of Experience
and Innovation
Years of Experience
and Innovation

When Charles Dow created the first major market index in 1896, he ignited a spirit of innovation that has stuck with us for more than a century.

That spirit flows through the Dow Jones Industrial Average®—the world’s longest-standing index and most-cited measure—and the S&P 500®—the blueprint for modern portfolio theory—as well as the hundreds of thousands of indices we’ve launched since then.

We have always played a pivotal role in the ever-evolving global economy. Today, as we break new ground in areas such as ESG, factors, and retirement strategy, we’re driven by both a hunger for new solutions and 125 years’ worth of wisdom.


Before the investment world changed,

S&P DJI changed the investment world.

Using the S&P 500 as its benchmark, the first index mutual fund launched in 1976, ushering in the era of passive investing and leveling the field for investors worldwide.


Today, we’re creating opportunities for individual and institutional investors alike. Our indices underlie hundreds of products ranging from index mutual funds, ETFs, and annuities to futures and options.

Approximately one-third of index mutual funds are linked to the S&P 500 and more than a quarter of all ETFs are linked to an S&P DJI index.

Our indices—now numbering in the hundreds of thousands—span every major asset class, as well as markets large and small around the globe.


Higher standards every step of the way.

Whether used as a portfolio benchmark or as the basis for an investment product, independence, transparency, reliability and integrity are key to every S&P DJI index.

As an independent index provider, we remain objective and avoid conflicts of interest by never selling investment products and ensuring separation between the index maintenance and commercial sides of the business.


As an independent index provider, we remain objective and avoid conflicts of interest by never selling investment products and ensuring separation between the index maintenance and commercial sides of the business.

We make our index methodologies publicly available to take the guesswork out of how our indices are calculated.

We calculate our indices on a continuous and timely basis to maintain an uninterrupted stream of data.

Because our reputation is built on investor trust, industry-leading best practices are not something we merely follow—we’re part of their creation. We pride ourselves not only on establishing industry best practices as a founding member of the Index Industry Association, but also on our adherence to IOSCO principles and regulatory standards.


A full suite of index services to
meet every client’s needs.

Index Licensing

License indices to create a wide range of investable financial products, from ETFs to structured products.

Data and Benchmarking

Subscribe to index data to benchmark investments or funds, model portfolios, or analyze market trends and behavior.

Custom Indices

Design your own index by customizing one of our existing indices or commission a white-label index using your own intellectual property. We construct, maintain, and disseminate custom indices for investors, exchanges, and ETF providers worldwide.


Global reach.Local expertise.

What happens when peerless indexing expertise and infrastructure meet a wide network of local market insiders and stock exchange partnerships spanning the globe?

S&P DJI combines global experience and in-depth local knowledge to give investors truly comprehensive perspectives on market dynamics.


Unparalleled support.

Our clients benefit from S&P DJI's world-class capabilities and the dedication and insights of our globally recognized team. From index ideation and creation to downstream commercialization, we offer an unmatched breadth and depth of resources.


Industry-leading research and insights.

We believe that the more informed investors are, the more empowered they are to make decisions with conviction. Investors at all levels of expertise have access to a wealth of research and educational resources.


best-in-class original research,
insightful market commentary,
and analytics.


CE-credit approved educational
forumsand webinars


Renowned research (SPIVA®)
on active versus passive
fund performance.

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