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Data & Index Licensing

Whether used as the foundation of a custom-built financial instrument, to uncover specific market trends, or to gain a better understanding of the markets in general, licensing indices and associated data packages from S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) can be invaluable to a range of financial professionals.

Index Licensing

S&P DJI licenses indices to more than 550 financial institutions worldwide to build investment products linked to our indices, including:

A license with S&P DJI gives an organization the data and permissions needed to replicate the performance of one or more of our indices in their investment products. Licensees are also able to leverage our world-renowned brand to promote their products.

Data and Benchmarking

S&P DJI index data packages can be invaluable tools for asset managers, investment banks, and others to measure, track, and analyze the global markets.

A range of flexible index data subscriptions—from broad to extremely detailed—are available to suit specific needs and desired outcomes. Packages can be tailored by geography, sector, style, and/or index family. Packages are offered at three levels: index, constituent data, and/or corporate action information.

Applications include:

We also license real-time values of our indices, including the iconic Dow Jones Industrial Average®, and the S&P 500®, to the media for display on television, websites, and mobile apps.

Data Delivery Platforms

We enable our clients to access data and files through a variety of platforms, depending on their needs.


API Data Solutions

We offer secure, flexible, continuously updated electronic data delivery solutions as an efficient and customizable alternative to traditional file delivery.


SFTP File Delivery

SFTP is our standard data delivery platform, intended for clients who are seeking to integrate index data with other datasets by feeding it into data management platforms on an automated basis.


SPICE® is a web-based platform that allows individual users to access our data through an easy-to-use interface with no implementation required.


Third-Party Vendors

Our indices are available on a wide range of leading data vendor and analytics platforms.

Contact Us

For more information about how to license our indices or subscribe to our data, please contact the Commercial Services representative for your region.